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The pillow for side sleeper is not just a rectangle of cloth stuffed with soft material, but a true companion, who more or less generously supports the head for about a third of the life. The pillow, like the net and the mattress, is in fact a determining factor for the quality of sleep. The most important features are certainly the right height and a proper consistency, elements, these, fundamental for its optimum comfort.

However, it is not easy to determine how much a pillow should be tall and soft, since much depends on the position taken during sleep and the anatomical characteristics of the person using it. One thing, however, is certain: if you sleep on the wrong pillow, you risk a bit at a time to accuse serious distress in the back, neck and upper limbs, which often translate into a sense of widespread malaise on awakening .

When you sleep, the entire spine should be in a natural, relaxed position, beginning with the cervical tract . The width of the pillow for side sleeper should first be about one meter so that it can be adjusted to the width of the shoulders and prevent the head from slipping on one side at night.

Height is also paramount. If we imagine sleeping in the supine position, we realize how a cushion too low or absent forces the neck to accentuate its curvature (lordosis), to compensate for the dorsal. It is as if from the sitting position from which this article is being read, the head falls slightly backward, forcing it to an unnatural position. The result of this forced attitude is the night stiffening of the muscles that support the head, resulting in neck and shoulder pain after awakening.

Likewise a pillow too high would force the entire column and muscle that sustains it in an unnatural position that, so long as it is maintained, could cause quite a few problems awakening. We notice the annoyances caused by this wrong attitude when we run for a long time with the head sliding forward: the column is not in the correct position and the neck muscles stiffen.

If we sleep sideways on a pillow too high or too low the column loses its linearity again. It’s as if we were long with your neck bent to the left or to the right, feeling might also be enjoyable in the immediate, but certainly not in the long run. The height of the pillow is therefore a very important parameter, closely related to its consistency. If the pillow is too soft, the neck “sags” inside, while if it is too rigid the problem is over. In both cases the cervical tract of the column is forced to maintain an unnatural position, which muscles seek to compensate, thus constituting a potential source of pain.

The stomach support pill is very important especially for pregnant women who often suffer from back pain due to an incorrect position during the hours of sleep. T utti pillows suitable for those who sleep on the side have in common the same peculiarities: are rigid at the right point so as to not flatten out at the same time and are soft to ensure the right comfort while sleeping.

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