The dominating benefits of Swift programming over Objective C in 2017

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It was 2014 when swift programming language came into existence and started grabbing attention from the global mobile app developers. Within a very short period of time, it has been now observed that swift programming has completely outpaced objective-C development with a huge margin in terms of its various benefits to the application developers.

Followed by the growing momentum and demands from the developers’ community, a 3.0 version was globally released in September 2016 that brought considerable easiness and flexibility for the mobile app developers.

An efficient open source language:

Swift is an open source programming language that also brings greater improvements and enhancements in the area of iOS app development. Since it was introduced, developers have clearly identified that it has become one of the best programming alternative compared to objective-C programing.

Requires less coding:

Compared to objective-C programming, swift programming features more efficiency when it comes to writing code. With the help of integrated package managers it makes it easier for the developers and required writing less code and reduced repetition.

Reduced errors and code revisions:

Swift programming is highly efficient in bringing the best level of consistency by allowing developers to quickly fix any run-time crashes. It enables expert to make a wise use of null optional variable that automatically triggers various fixes.

More cost effective:

It has been widely reported that swift programming is not just the best option to choose in terms of high end performing language but, it has been identified as one of the best cost effective programming. A team of iPhone app developers in Singapore said that swift programming is undoubtedly very easy to learn and adapt which is why swift programming incurs reduced costs.

Greater safety and security:


Compared to objective-C swift is highly capable of handling bugs and errors more effectively. Professional iPhone app developers in Singapore suggest adapting to swift programming that allows them to ensure greater safety and security for their newly developed iPhone apps.

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