The Emoji Movie

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The Emoji Movie


There are more than enough animations that can take the best animation of the year in the year 2017. This is because there have been several animations that have found their way to the cinemas this year. However, as the year continues to progress there are many more flicks yet to be released. A movie that has captivated the imagination of adults and children is the Emoji movie.

There many ideas for animations. We have had many movies based on animals, cars and even bossy babies but this is the first time that there has been a movie about emoji. The movie takes viewers on an epic journey inside the world of the smart phone or online magazines.

Suitability for Children

People who are interested in finding out the secret lives that emoji live inside our mobile devices can watch the premiere of the movie on 28th July. It is commonly assumed that animations and cartoons are for the younger people. This has been proven to be not so true as the majority of the audience at such screenings are teenagers and young adults. The more mature viewers have a better understanding of some of the jokes. Therefore although there is absolutely nothing wrong with kids watching the movie. The dialogue makes the movie fun for older people.

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