The Garden Becomes Part Of Living

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A new vision of the garage and the garden shed

The presence of a  garage  integrated into the garden begins a slight withdrawal, with 27% of possession forecast against 30% of current possession. In contrast, the garden shed seems to benefit from renewed interest. If 26% of respondents say they own one, they are 38% to desire his presence. The wishes are predominantly oriented towards constructions of wood .

Ever more cozy garden furniture

By 2020, the changing demand for outdoor furniture should be more qualitative than quantitative. The  garden furniture  will have to be creative to entice consumers. In terms of materials, we find the same expectation of French for chairs, armchairs, ottomans, tables, suns and umbrellas, as for the terrace , namely the alliance of aesthetics and ease of maintenance. The  barbecue  is in any case a must with 62% of possession now. The open kitchen air, but which is not projected as a specifically landscaped space, perfectly meets two great expectations: the presence of a dining area and conviviality in the garden. View source for more information about gardening.

Gardens with wild taste

Vegetation will be increasingly experienced by the French as a living link with nature, in opposition to an increasingly coercive human society. The “naturalistic” vocation of the garden should also develop with the great success of mixed flower seeds. A “wild” or “natural” style garden, however, is poorly adapted to the small spaces that emerge. It is therefore desirable to have breeding programs in place which tend to produce less sophisticated cultivars among the main flower species marketed today.

The craze for the green wall

In a futuristic projection, the French see the plant well invest all available areas of their garden, with massive,  hedges , bins, pots, but also with roofs and vertical spaces. Today reserved for collective spaces, the concept of  the green wall  (also called vertical garden) seems to generate increased interest and curious questions to the general public who adheres to the concept for reasons not only aesthetic, but also ecological, despite a cost still excessive.

Importance of the aesthetic criterion

The plant is invested with a primordial role for the garden, to generate beauty. In this context, the choice of plants will remain particularly important in 2020. The choice criteria will be varied and sometimes contradictory. We can cite the evocation of nature, with plants such as grasses and wildflowers. A crush should also occur for climbing plants that allow to verticalize the garden. There is also growing interest in aquatic plants , linked to the growing role of water in the garden. By 2020, a keen interest in productive, should also be important, without necessarily going against aesthetic concerns, on the contrary.

Induced impact of climate change, with consequences on the plant world

The expected climate changes are expected to result in various effects on plant growth and development, with earlier germination, budding, flowering and fruiting periods, longer growing seasons, faster growth and development, and with an increase in vegetative activity. Focusing research on less water-intensive plants is certainly a way forward.

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