The green house with Sharon Eiger – interior designer

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The green house

In the pastoral Moshav Bnei Atarot, which is studded with impressive Templar houses, I designed a greenhouse opposite agricultural fields. The entrance hall was designed to convey a sense of ease and accessibility directly to the heart of the house. The house itself is surrounded by agricultural fields that create breathtaking scenery, and therefore the second emphasis in my planning was to create significant openings in every space that would bring in the view of the landscape outside.


As befitting a family of artists who like to collect and renew many items, an entrance door to the house was chosen, which was brought from dismantling and renewal. The wall of the blast was left as exposed concrete in favor of highlighting the works of art on it. The children’s rooms were placed on the ground floor and the study room and the parents’ unit on the second floor in order to create a separation between the public area and the daily commotion between the work and rest area.


The kitchen is an IKEA kitchen because of a budgetary constraint. In keeping with the spirit of creative house, we mixed several models of IKEA kitchens to create an eclectic look rather than a set. The floor tiles chosen in the bathroom are usually used for outdoor flooring and its walls are painted in concrete gray.



On the second floor is the study Large, bright room with pine wood. The pine beams continue into the bedroom and give it a warm and pleasant look. Through the glass doors we go out to a wide balcony, waiting for us are two chairs, and the full horizon of the fields.

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