The Ill Effects of Tooth Decay to Your Oral and Dental Health

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Tooth decay refers to the condition of your teeth or a single tooth in your mouth wherein the enamel is destroyed already. This condition is usually caused by bacteria that has accumulated in your mouth from the food you eat, especially if you are not brushing your teeth regularly to remove plaques. Tooth decay may be a normal occurrence but it is not something you must ignore as it has ill effects to your oral and dental health as well as your whole health.



The bad effects of tooth decay

  • Bad Breath. Tooth decay can greatly cause bad breath and bad breath can ruin your life. Even if you are pretty or a hunk, if you have a bad breath, people may get discouraged to go near you and talk.

  • Toothache. Tooth decay is also the main cause of toothaches because bacteria is slowly penetrating to your gums. This can make you feel uncomfortable.

  • Infection. Tooth decays expose your mouth to bacteria and increases your chances of acquiring mouth infections.

  • Diseases like Heart Diseases. If you have tooth decay, it attracts bacteria to your mouth and if you have poor oral hygiene, bacteria can make their way inside your body and cause diseases. You can learn more about this by asking a dentist through

  • Ugly Appearance. Tooth decay can greatly affect your appearance that you will be embarrassed to smile, talk or laugh for fear people might see your decaying tooth.

What to do if you have tooth decay?


If you have tooth decay, the first thing to do is to never neglect your oral health. Even if the tooth is already damaged, continue brushing, flossing and washing your teeth and mouth so that you can keep it clean. This way, your tooth decay will not worsen as well infections can be prevented. Then, pay a visit to the dentist so he or she can decide whether you need tooth extraction or if there are other ways to save your teeth.

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