The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan

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A disaster recovery plan is the protocol a business has in the event of a natural or human-made disaster in order to keep important IT services functioning despite any damage incurred. It is planned to keep all essential businesses and communications running while cleanup and recovery takes place. This includes satellites, lighting, and access to the Internet. As part of a protocol, companies could utilize a disaster recovery “cloud”, where all information is saved and can be recovered from any device. Other disaster recovery backup mechanisms, such a portable USB unit, are also updated regularly. 

The disaster recovery and business continuity are subsets of each other. Business continuity is important after a disaster to stop any loss of earnings caused by a catastrophe, even if insurance helps. Disaster recovery control mechanism is done in three ways: preventive, detective, and corrective measures. Preventive is meant to prevent a failure in the system from happening, the detective is set up as a way to catch any incoming failure to the system, and corrective is for how to restore all systems after a major event, such as a natural storm. These disaster recovery plans are essential to all major businesses. 

Disaster recovery backup is Plan B and C and gives continuity to an extent to those who need these services urgently. Inside the business, having the cloud and having any documents already downloaded as files that do not need Wi-Fi assistance is key to getting things moving while recovery is underway in restoring power. Downed lines take the time to fix, as well as any electrical failure in the main servers. 

These businesses need to assess risks and threats based on location, as well as any sudden disaster that can affect them. In cities like San Francisco, there exists the possibility of an earthquake. Along the Atlantic Coast, it is the annual hurricane season. In general, it is a cyber-attack, terrorism, or even the act of sabotage from someone inside or outside the company. They must prepare for anything that comes along their way in order to act immediately when business is disrupted. 


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