The Importance of Gutter Cleaning for Commercial Properties

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Many many thousands of pounds is wasted by organisations annually as a direct result of negligence in their rain water method. In today’s thrifty economy, gutter guards it is crucial for organizations to stay on to of the construction’s guttering maintenance program to avoid costly repairs.

Most insurance claims are rendered void if it is found that the damage was caused as a result of blocked gutters. It is the obligation of the landlord or leaseholder to make sure the gutters are kept clear of moss, leaves and debris.

Many people offer you a gutter cleaning service in the London area but it’s essential that you opt for an insured and competent company as working in height is a heavily limited job, just the professionals will have the relevant skills and insurance required by legislation. Always ask to see original copies of insurance policies.

A reputable company will use an assortment of approaches to clean and fix your gutters securely and efficiently such as the OmniVac vacuum program, cherry pickers, scissorlifts, gutter installation ladders and abseiling. They’ll quickly recognise the quickest and most cost effective system of access. 

All functions undertaken on your property must be addressed by the relevant Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance Policies.

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