The Importance of Mobile App Testing Software for Both Provider and User

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In the Internet age, things are running faster than ever. The turnaround of goods and services,
innovation, improvisation, and service improvements are moving faster by the day, so also with
what happens to the software world. Now, customers tend to be more demanding. They tend to
demand updates from every software they have. This condition forces every manufacturer to
perform instant testing, meaning they must make sure testing is done in a short time before they
release their product. Today, most software is tested only 2 weeks or less before it's released.

Tolerating with a short time frame is not easy. It takes a set of supporters to allow that. If
something goes wrong like "bugs" into the system then the overall performance of the software
will be interrupted, making it no longer worth it. The poor performance of the software will
cultivate a negative perception on every consumer's mind, prompting them to immediately
switch to another provider. In this context, a quality testing device is a must.
Testing overall
The testing process is one phase of the various phases that must be lived before a product is
released to the market. This approach is a qualitative-based approach that ensures every software
can work according to expectations. In essence, each test is run with the goal of making sure
everything goes according to expectations, and it is equally important to look for gaps that
crackers can use to include their bugs. In other words, bug free software is the expected end
Identification of early stage defects plays an important role in the process of releasing a product.
As the points above say, this identification can minimize future bug attacks so the updating
process can be minimized. As is known, the updating process is often done not to update the
specification but rather to close the "defective holes" that can be used as the entrance for a set of
Mobile app testing
Every day we find many new apps released. Now, with various software to create applications,
amateur app developers can make it easier to create or design simple applications. Some of them,
however, are not perfect. Those apps if directly applied tend to experience "crashes." Therefore
they should be tested first and for testing we need a mobile app tester.
A sample: Blackberry in its integration with Android
The Android platform is the most popular platform in the world. This condition forced some
other platform developers to stop production. The two best examples are Blackberry OS and
Windows Phone. Nokia, one of the oldest mobile phone manufacturers in the world, had
experienced a "downfall" due to errors in choosing a platform. Blackberry as a pioneer of

business smartphones had experienced the same fall and now they decided to integrate their
devices with the Android system. This integration helps many application developers in creating
various applications for Blackberry. An example is the Blackberry Passport Phone. Bringing a
phone with an unusual shape is quite risky. The comments skewed and there was always an
example for it. We can review when Siemens released its Xelibri series phones, 12 years ago,
and Samsung when released its Galaxy Note in 2011. Time will be a witness failure or success of
each product released.
This sophisticated smartphone is equipped with 4.5-inch touch screen with 1: 1 ratio. Resolution
is 1,440 x 1,440 pixels. Below the screen there is a physical QWERTY keypad consisting of
three rows of letters. Without numbers, without punctuation, strange enough right? We will not
discuss more about the hardware but we will discuss about the applications that can be embedded
on this device. Any Blackberry Passport Phone user is given the freedom to download apps from
two authorized sources; Blackberry World and Amazon Store. From these two sources, users can
download any desired application but return to the beginning, not every application is suitable to
be applied to the Passport Phone. If you are a user, you can test them with some famous software
such as Robotium Android Testing Tool, Ranorex Android Application Testing Tool, UI
Automator, and so forth. What is emphasized is that software testing is important enough, both
for the provider and for the user.

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