The Importance of Monitoring Open Source Vulnerabilities

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Technology has become an important aspect of our lives. With everything a click away, we have advanced much more than our forefathers. Technology has not only benefited in making our life simpler but has also made the industry very competitive. Due to this unending competition, the companies have come up with various software.

One such software is Open Source. It is a computer software which has made its source code available to the person or company who takes the license for it. The software is available even to the general public for using or modifying it from the original design. Due to this collaborative development, the scope of design is more diverse than a single company. 

Since the software is widely available, it is necessary to ensure that the license is provided following a proper procedure. There is a license review process that is needed before providing the license to anyone. This is important to ensure that the software conforms to the existing expectations and norms. Therefore, all the applications have to go through this public review process. However, if the applicants need any assistance for the license review process they can contact the Open Source Initiative team. The team will certainly guide them through the process but the approval or rejection of the application entirely depends on the review. 

However, the wide availability of the software leads to a lot of open source vulnerabilities. There are very high chances of a security breach and data leak. Such security threats can actually lead to great problems and losses. So, many tools have been developed which ensure the safety and security of the software, licenses and the data. Few of them are discussed as follows:

  • Open Source Static Code Analysis Tool: These tools are developed to help the analyst in zeroing in the security flaw rather than finding one automatically. It is more beneficial to use this tool at the beginning of the development cycle so that the feedback can be used and changes can be made easily. 
  • Open Source Code Review Tools: These tools are openly available to the general public too. They are used to identify and fix the bugs and the problems related to code. The code includes a lot of things like documents, files, images etc. 

Open source software has brought about a huge revolution in the IT industry. Thus, it is essential to have its complete knowledge. 


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