The Importance of Scanning Code for Vulnerabilities

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Unlike back in the day, in this day and age, it is very important to scan website for vulnerabilities; specifically, vulnerabilities that are going to damage the integrity of the security on the website. No matter what service your website is providing, it is always recommended that to check through as many stages as possible that your website is scanned for vulnerabilities. 

Top 3 reasons to use a source code or website vulnerability scanner:

1) Gets into the small corners that wouldn’t normally be seen. 

There are programs available that are able to scan vulnerabilities at more convenient times to yourself. These are times like when you are not using a software but you would like to scan it, you can use a source code static code analyzer, which gets the job done perfectly. What is does it is goes ahead with security scans on the software whether the software has been activated or not – so in the background and it recognizes any faults in the code. Both static and dynamic code is analyzed, leaving no stone unturned. 

2) Stops potential time wasting

The last thing you want as a developer is to get all the way down the program or website code development line, or even go as far as to publish the website only to find out that there are vulnerabilities in the security. Scanning code for vulnerabilities earlier during the development process prevents this. It is possible to obtain false negatives or positives when using website scanners. Scan a few times to get more accurate results. Remember it will also save you some money, as it will cost you much more to fix the code if you are further down the development process then it would earlier on. 

3) Everyone has to stick to the rules 

Making sure that everyone who is involved in the creation of the code knows that it is going to be scanned means that it is very unlikely that corners are going to be cut. Any defaults of differences to the guidelines set will show up in the scan results. 

Getting a scan vulnerability online or offline during the early stages of code development is almost crucial. It just makes sense. Potentially preventing a very costly and frustrating code repair by simply implementing a code scan during the early stage of development could save you a whole lot of hassle in the future. 


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