The importance of scanning code for vulnerabilities

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Source code vulnerability scanners, website vulnerability scanners, and program scanners are extremely important in this day and age. Big and small organizations ranging from banks to stores are all recommended to have some sort of scanner for security. 

Top 3 reasons to use a source code or website vulnerability scanner

1. Gets into the nooks and crannies 

Using something like a static code analyzer is perfect for when you are not using a software but need to/want to scan its code. It performs its security scans in the background before the program or software is even activated and it finds any defaults in the coding. Whether it be static or dynamic code analysis all data in the code is scanned for any vulnerabilities, leaving no section of the code unturned or untested. 

2. Prevents wasting time

Scanning your code for vulnerabilities prevents you from wasting time on a project development cycle, only to find out later down the line or once it has been published that there is a major fault in the source code. However,bear in mind that using website scanners or source code scanners you may end up getting false negative or false positive results, so the scan must be performed a few times to try to prevent this from happening and get more average results. Not only does this prevent any time wasting, but it will also save you money. It will cost more to fix the code the further the development line it gets. So you want to use a scanner while the program is still in its early stages. 

3. Everyone has to stick to the rules 

Any defaults WILL show up in the results after the scan, meaning that if anyone did not follow thedefined rules set up for the project it will show up on the results.

Whatever stage you are in the development process, it is important to scan the code for vulnerabilities. There are many ways in which the code can be tested.Static and dynamic analyzers are just two of them, but doing this could potentially prevent a whole lot of problems in the future. 


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