The introduction of shanghai adups fota

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Shanghai ADUPS built in 2012, cumulated a lot of OTA upgrading technology experience and numbers of clients. “Through phone service we accumulated more than 70,000,000 users’ data. The third part OTA occupancy also reached 70?.” Ray said that this also means OTA business gradually becomes saturated at the phone market.

“Vehicles is the next large market.” Ray point out the car electronic application net, “vehicle demands more upgrade parts than phone. Such as communication part, car information,entertainment products,  and etc. These products need to upgrade termly for linking to the Internet. The so said all-round car upgrade, actually, is to upgrade the corresponding module and section.”

2015, ADUPS set the Vehicle-of-Internet business unit, focus on the OTA service in vehicle field. According to Rui Yanan’ s introduce, ADUPS collaborates with Tire1 supplier now which make their produces have the upgrading ability, at the same time, ADUPS will also collaborate with Tire2, such as some module suppliers. “Obviously, our final goal is realizing the entire vehicle upgrading, offering solution project for the whole vehicle. We want to research entire vehicle cloud OTA management platform service for every different car and vehicle terminal promotion system.”

It is said that ADUPS has mainly finished the layout of mainstream car back device after loading vehicle machine, rearview mirror factory, and project supplier. ADUPS starts to collaborate with domestic OEM main engine factory, front navigation and Tbox factory. BYD Qing series car has on sale which used the ADUPS’s FOTA technology.  

The vehicle factory and first supplier realize the relationship  between tendency of digitization and technology collaboration, software capability and customize. These will become global vehicle industry development guidance. However, there is no perfect security in information field. This is the main impetus of the Internet safe business 360 chooses to collaborate with vehicle industry and vehicle information business to set an intelligent net-linking vehicle lab. 

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