The Joy of Playing Blackjack Online

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When you want to play Blackjack online, you have an endless number of choices. Virtually any online casino you come across with offer this game, and many will even offer different variations of it. 

Online Blackjack gambling has become increasingly popular in recent years as players have easier access to the internet than they ever did before. Any good social casino app will offer Blackjack as well as various other games. 

Many versions of Blackjack can be found at online casinos. This includes Single Deck, Pontoon, Pirate 21, and Super 7 Blackjack; every one of which can be played for free. While Single Deck Blackjack only uses one deck of playing cards, multiple decks are used in versions of the game, such as Pirate 21. 

There are basic rules that apply to Single Deck Blackjack. One rule is that between each hand the deck of cards being used must be shuffled. Another is that one hand can be split into two; however, you are limited to one split. After you have split a hand you can choose to double down if you wish. Keep in mind that if you are going to double it must be on either the numbers 10 or 11. 

When you play Pontoon there are other rules you need to be aware of. This includes the rule that for each hand, you are permitted to double down on anywhere from two to four of the cards you hold. You can also split any hand, but once that hand has been split it cannot be split again. 

Pirate 21 is a multi-hand version of the game in which you can play as many as three at a time. This variation on Blackjack also includes a side game, increasing the number of opportunities you have to win money. Note that the game gets its name from the fact that it uses six Pirate decks. 

There is always an opportunity to place a side bet in Super 7 Blackjack, which is somewhat similar to Pirate 21. Both versions of the game require six sets of cards to be used and, like in Single Deck, the cards are shuffled between each hand.

These are just a few of the many versions of Blackjack you can play for free or real money at online casinos. Experimenting with the many versions will help you find the one that you enjoy playing the most. 


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