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Mana Financial Solutions is the latest innovation in Fintech. From their base in Glasgow, and with a global pool of investors, they work with start-ups and growing companies to find the ideal angel match. ManaFS combines the global reach of modern technology with the human touch of traditional business networking to match you with the perfect investor. Whether you’re looking for a silent partner or a committed hands-on investor, they’ll help find the best partner for your business. Mana Financial Solutions works with entrepreneurs looking for equity investment of anywhere from $10,000 to several million dollars. Their pool of investors are interested in investing in all types of businesses, from low-tech restaurants to cutting-edge high-techs.

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Crowdfunding was a great innovation, helping individuals, charities and companies get access to financing in many forms and from a market of millions of people. However crowdfunding has its downfalls, which Mana Financial Solutions helps to avoid.

Unlike with crowdfunding, the entrepreneur has full control over who will be involved in their business. Potential investors are thoroughly vetted to save you time and find you a suitable match. Angel investors generally focus on helping start-ups establish themselves, supporting their initial growth and avoiding the pitfalls of other fledgling companies. They often contribute more than just cash – like access to local networks, entry into a desired market, mentor ship, experience and other relevant synergies.

Working with one investor, rather than a large crowd, also reduces and protects exposure to your business idea and any technological innovations, especially if they are not yet patented or copyrighted. Also, the investor pays the fees rather than the entrepreneur, like in traditional crowdfunding models, letting you maximize the efficiency of the cash infusion.


Finding the ideal angel investor is a job in itself, and one that may be outside the scope of many entrepreneurs. Mana Financial Solutions helps in several ways. You avoid the time consuming pitch process since they screen for appropriate matches.  They help you prepare your presentation and refine your business plan. Most importantly, they smooth the path to establish a working relationship since both parties have the confidence of knowing they have been thoroughly vetted.


1. Attracting Investment

Finding potential investors takes an enormous amount of time that you could be otherwise devoting to growing your business. Mana Financial Solutions has access to a large pool of potential investors and screens both sides so people don’t waste their time unnecessarily.

2. Making a Successful Pitch

Mana Financial Solutions helps you to polish your business plan and to clarify your wants and needs like funding requirements and ownership percentage details. You need to be able to tell a relatable story about how your business will make money and how you plan to reach your growth targets. You also should be clear about exactly what you want and need from a potential investor.

3. Finding the Right Investor

Taking the money out of the equation, who is your ideal investor? Streamlining your requirements will take a lot of time out of the process of finding your match. In addition to being silent or hands-on, do you want someone with access to a potential market or experience in a particular industry? Investors can bring more to the table than just their wallets – ideally bringing contacts, networks and experience. 

4. Knowing Who to Avoid

Find an investor with a compatible timeline who won’t want to cash out too quickly. Also be wary of anyone looking for an unreasonable percentage of equity; this must be fair to both sides. Your ideal investor should be a natural fit with your business and it’s important to look down the road and ask yourself if an initial investor is someone you want on board when you are looking for access to larger amounts of financing, or even to be seen with in public at a trade show.

In Conclusion


Forward thinking entrepreneurs and business owners must consider all elements of who and where financing comes from. Mana Financial Solutions is committed to stewarding its clients through all the potential pitfalls to match them with their ideal angel investor as quickly and comfortably as possible. For more information, please refer to their website:

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