The Many Benefits of Laminate Flooring

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Laminate flooring is a favorite for many home owners due to the fact that it looks aesthetically pleasing. Yet it does have many other advantages which you might never have known about.

1) Durability
Laminate is scratch-resistant, hard, strong and a highly durable flooring surface. Having a tough external layer and resin coating protects it. What it does is it makes it perfect for those areas of the house which receive a lot of traffic, such as kitchens and the living room.

2) Easy to Install
The installation of laminate flooring is very easy as compared to the other floor types. That’s because the boards are made to interlock, making them easy to handle. Laminate can also be floated over most floors so what happens is that you not only save on installation costs but also  save up on a lot of time.

3) Price
Laminate flooring costs less than traditional hardwood, but doesn’t lack in look and quality. You can easily find one that matches fits your requirement and affordability. It is this affordability that people find so attractive when going for laminate flooring.

4) Subfloors
Laminate’s versatile, and can be installed on mostly any kind of subfloor, such as concrete or even pre-existing vinyl floors. A lot of the times when the installation of a hardwood floor is not compatible with a subfloor, laminate flooring is a great option.

5) Styles
Laminate flooring is sold in a great variety of wood, stone, and tile finishes. All of these are there in several colors and different surface treatments, thicknesses, and plank styles.

6) Easy to Clean and Maintain
Laminate floorings have a moisture and stain resistant surface which makes the cleaning of spills fairly easy. Special cleaners aren’t required to keep a laminate floor in great shape, just daily sweeping and mopping is sufficient. If that isn’t easy cleaning I don’t know what is.

7) Hypoallergenic
Laminating floors reduces the chance of catching allergies as there are no places to trap dust and other particles making it a great choice. They usually have a moisture barrier which ensures that there is no mold and also ensures that the floor remains intact.

If you are looking for a professional who can help you out with lamination. I would recommend the services of Sam’s Flooring Gallery as they are amongst the best in town.

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