The Most Expensive Bad Habits in the World

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Bad habits – we all have them, and we all wish to get rid of them. It’s not easy, though, as they are often part of who we are – after all, what would’ve Winston Churchill looked like without his iconic cigar or Ron White without his famous glass of scotch in his hand while on stage. Bad habits are, in turn, not created equal. Some of them, like biting our nails or our lips, are a nuisance but not much of a burden for our budget. Others, in turn, can indeed cost a fortune – especially if they are coupled with an exquisite taste. Below, you’ll find some of the most expensive bad habits humanity has formed over the millennia of its existence.


Although many consider otherwise, gambling is a form of entertainment many people are passionate about. And not only thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies either. Housewives and lawyers, celebrities and blue-collar workers are known to occasionally – or regularly – enjoy a few hands of blackjack or an occasional spin or two on a slot machine, no matter if it’s in a real life gambling house or a Canadian casino online


There is a special category of players, known as high-rollers, that can show us just how expensive gambling can be – some of them routinely win or lose seven-figure amounts at gaming. Among the most famous high-rollers, we find names like Archie Karas, who collected an amazing $40 million in Las Vegas only to lose it all in a few months, or Australian media mogul Kerry Packer, who walked into a London casino, quickly lost £15 million on roulette, and walked out as if nothing would’ve happened. 

Surprising as it may sound, online gambling is a far less expensive habit than the land-based variety. According to a Harvard study published in 2014, people who play at online casinos like the All Slots gamble infrequently, and with small amounts. On average, an All Slots player will only lose around 5% of all the money wagered – this is far better than anything a land-based casino can offer, right?


Smoking is among the worst of bad habits as it not only eliminates dollars from your pockets but also takes its toll on your health. Especially if you have a taste for high-quality tobacco products. Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day will set you back anywhere between $5 and $10. Smoking a cigar can be even more expensive – the high-quality product can cost you between $30 and $50 apiece. Not that smoking a pipe would be any cheaper. The average price for an ounce of tobacco varies between $2 and $20 in the US but the most expensive 3.5OZ tin of pipe tobacco – W.O. Larsen 2015 Limited Release Hand Pressed Tobacco – has retailed for $1,000. 

This is without counting the money you’ll probably spend on countering the negative effects of smoking on your health.


The one most expensive bad habit people have is wasting, i.e. buying something for a certain price and throwing it away without using it. Wasting food is perhaps the bad habit people have that gets the most media attention: according to the latest UN statistics, humanity wastes about 1.3 trillion metric tons (1 metric ton equals 2,204 pounds) of food each year, with an estimated retail value (money paid for the food that gets thrown away) of close to $1,000 billion. More than half of the food wasted doesn’t even make it to the shops. This makes wasting food the most expensive bad habit humans, in general, can have. 


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