The Most Fascinating Beaches in Antigua

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Are you planning a visit to Antigua and Barbuda this season? Hanging around the exquisite water bodies like beaches makes the tour awful and the place you are heading to, is filled with exotic beaches. Having the most historic attraction, Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua is known to be the Water World. This place has got many beautiful beaches that happen to be the perfect place for Sunbathers. Moreover, Antigua is also an ideal place for Sailors due to the perfect anchorages it possesses.

This nation is also welcoming new entrants as the citizens if they are interested to have the Antigua and Barbuda passport. In fact, many have also got the citizenship recently. So let’s discuss this further and discover more about the beaches in Antigua and Barbuda.

Pigeon Point

Do you love the beautiful white-sand beaches? This is for you then because there is a lovely white-sand beach on Pigeon Point at Falmouth Harbor. This is at about a 4-minute drive from the Admiral’s Inn. It’s truly no less than a heart-throbbing moment to breathe a sigh of relief around the calm water and pristine sands. Being the best beach near English Harbor, it happens to be crowded often especially when there is a cruise ship in the Port. Undoubtedly, the ideal spot for the swimmers and snorkeler it is.

Dickenson Bay

This exquisite beach is located in the northwest, and is popular amongst the island’s finest beaches. It exhibits the wide strip of powder-soft sand finely blending with blissfully calm turquoise waters. It never goes too harsh upon the swimmers and snorkelers, that’s why this safe beach attracts families with small children as well. Moreover, one can also rent the water sports equipment at the Rex Halcyon Cove Beach Resort. And if you are looking for some refreshments, these are available at the hotel, or you can even mosey over to the bars and restaurants nearby.

Having tons of verities in food, this beautiful place has gone tremendous for foodies and many foodie-tourists even intend to apply for the Antigua and Barbuda passport.

Secluded Beaches

Along the fan-shaped northern crown of Antigua, one can find some ideal snorkeling areas and you will stumble upon the secluded beaches on the north side of the Dickenson Bay. Just for a fee, locals will often take beachcombers to one of the offshore islets just like the Prickly Pear Island, surrounded by beautiful coral gardens. Paradise Reef, a 1-mile coral garden of exquisite north of Dickenson Bay, is one of the island’s best snorkeling spots.

Wrapping up, there are plenty other beaches that you will come across while wandering around this beautiful place. But just make sure to visit the mentioned above first as they happen to be amongst the prominent ones. In case you are willing to be a part of such a beautiful nation, the government is offering Antigua and Barbuda passport through citizenship by investment program, so you can consider it as well.



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