The Most Important Factors To Rank in Google Top Results

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Google has 200 ranking factors in their algorithm. While this list is impressive, targeting these components or “signals” is just not doable by a regular human being who only has 24 hours a day.


The good news is SEO is not just about getting things right. It is also about knowing your priorities and applying what has been proven to work. Below are the top most important factors to rank in Google top results.



We all know that content is a significant factor here. But how do we know if our material passes the standards of Google? Here are three things to remember.


1. Use of Keywords

The title of your post holds the most crucial relevance to Google and using the right keywords and title tags is very important. Adding meta description also boosts relevance. Although this holds less weight, users can see meta descriptions which help them choose your link over the others in the search results page.


2. Length

Google mentioned in their quality guidelines that the amount a page contains is also vital in its overall quality and the amount of content necessary for the page needs to satisfy the topic. For most people, what this means is that they need to cover the entirety of a particular subject. But if you take a look at the pages that have already ranked well for your keywords, you can get an idea of how comprehensive your page should be.


3. Comprehensiveness

Your best strategy for content comprehensiveness is that it should be designed to answer the user’s needs and provide them with the facts they need. You cannot precisely explain a topic as short as 400 words or less.


Google uses a user satisfaction metrics and click through rate (CTR is explained below). Although it is not precisely clear how they measure a user’s satisfaction, it is pretty clear that you must produce content that will serve your readers, provide resources and visuals such as infographics, videos, and images.


User Experience

User satisfaction can be evaluated by the metrics if user experience or the click-through rate (CTR). Google has said that users are the best judge for page relevance. So if they click a particular result, it is likely that the page is relevant, or at least more relevant compared to the other options.


A search engine results page CTR is the ratio of the number of times a search listing was clicked to the number of times it was displayed to searchers. Some studies say that the factor that has the highest correlation with rankings is CTR.



Google is forever improving their search algorithm and results pages, but one factor that seems to remain consistent is backlinks. It remains the highest indication of authority in Google. Google evaluates every incoming link on your website based on a link score. This score is based on the number of inbound links to your site and the individual quality of each link.


Concerning quantity, you cannot afford to have low-quality and spammy links. Links from the same domain carry little weight as well. For you to get a high link score, your inbound links should come from many linking domains.


Technical SEO Setup

Building a website has its own technical aspect regarding search engine optimization. Here are the two factors that play a role in your ranking.


1. Website Speed

Google has confirmed that your website speed can boost your ranking. In fact, Google expects your pages to load in two seconds or less. Slower pages also affect your bounce rates and lower your conversion rates. So you need to make sure that your webpages flow and load as quickly as possible.


2. Optimized for Mobile Use

Everybody owns a smartphone nowadays. If your website is not optimized for mobile use, then you will not rank in mobile search at all. According to a report by Search Engine Land, 60% of queries come from mobile devices. It is also very likely that Google will continue to work on their mobile-first indexing.


Google will continue to release newer updates on how one can rank higher on their results page. But for now, these above are the most important factors to work on to rank in Google top results.

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