The New Egg-Friendly Vegan Trend

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Let’s face it — it can be hard to eat healthy in our fast-paced, time-starved modern society. Everyone understands the value of eating healthy, and for many, a plant-based diet is one of the best changes to make. It’s not hard to see the value of cutting meat and cheese from your diet; just take a look at Ella Mills, the UK student who was stricken with an autoimmune disease that left her bedridden. Ella recovered quickly and famously (and against expectations) by adopting a diet that consisted mostly of vegetables. She chronicled her fight against the disease on social media, and gained 650,000 Instagram followers and 80,000 twitter followers in only four years.

The current clean-eating trend — which relies on plant-dense, whole food diets — is great for health, but in today’s fast-paced urban environment, it can be difficult to follow so strict a diet without hours of time to invest in each meal (when you calculate shopping and food prep). This is why a new cadre of healthy (and ethical) food consumers has emerged, who have decided to add high quality eggs to their otherwise vegan lifestyles. While these vegans abstain from any meat and all forms of animal products beyond eggs, they feel that this one addition to their diet is a huge moral (and physical) booster, and according to Daily Burn, the trend is currently picking up a lot of steam.

Many vegans who pursue busy and active lifestyles rely on eggs to provide that vital B-12 boost that cannot be found in plants alone, and while grain and plant-based diets offer sufficient protein, those training for sporting events find that eggs provide a massive per-calorie protein burst that can’t be ignored. There really is no shortage of well-curated lists of high-protein plant-based foods to be found. Lentils, beans, tempeh, nuts, quinoa, and other foods are a fantastic start, but often the minerals and protein in eggs pack that much needed punch before or after a solid workout.

Whole foods rich in saturated fat and cholesterol are not bad for your body — in fact, they contain vital minerals like choline, iron, and riboflavin you can’t find anywhere else. Eliminating these minerals from your diet in a misplaced fear of fat and cholesterol will do more harm than good and actually deprive your body of important nutrition. Egg yolks are a wonderful example, as all the nutrition in an egg is in the yolk. 

If you’d like to ramp up your vitamin and mineral intake while also feeling satisfied, consider one of the many healthy recipes at to get you started on a vegan meal plan. Consider a spicy and satisfying potato and egg salad that packs a flavour wallop along with a healthy dose of protein. Serve it warm or cold — this potato salad is unlike any salad you’ve likely tried before! The combination of red wine vinegar and Dijon mustard combined with the added kick of cayenne pepper creates a sweet but slightly spicy meal for anyone on the go. 


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