The Original Boss Lady Carla Ferguson: Founder of Fox Hill Entertainment also known as Fox Hill Films and the latest Brand Ambassador/ Model for Perfect sculpt

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3 November, 2017: Carla Ferguson is a videographer, writer and producer who do love pictures, images, movies and all these things. She has covered a number of concerts like 2017 Impact Dj khald concert under fox hill entertainment. She has previously worked for Power 96 in Miami, Florida before launching her own Independent career.

Carla was born in Bronx, New York in April 12, 1986 and raised in Fort Lauderdale. She is a graduate from Florida International University. She has a creative mind which helps to see things what normal eye misses. Her technical knowledge, personality and great sense to shoot the moments are amazing. She works as an independent writer and producer for Fox hill Entertainment.

Fox hill Entertainment is a company founded in 2014 that offers remote video production services for local business owners and independent artists like Carla Ferguson. Carla’s work has a cinematic feel that other videographers generally are not able to provide. She works hard to ensure every project has a memorable emotional impact. She is currently a Perfect sculpt Brand Ambassador/ Model.

In winter 2018 she will make her directorial debut for “We the big apple” A short film where she tells the story about four young friends from different backgrounds and their confrontation with racial issues, prejudice, and equality. The movie actually a reality of what happens in our immediate environment and it passes a moral and social message that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

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