The Perfect Vacation Touring Ireland by Car

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An Ireland itinerary is helpful for a vacation in this lush and beautiful country.  There are multiple places that everyone must see in Ireland and it can be easy to miss some of them if someone is not organized or prepared.  That is why touring Ireland by car is the perfect way for a person to see everything that they want to.  

Here are some of the best routes to take when touring Ireland by car:


This route will take a person through the lovely Connemara region of the country, where they will find themselves high up in the mountains overlooking the shoreline.  The Doolough Valley is quite tranquil as are the multiple lakes that a person will pass on their journey.  

Inishowen 100

The Inishowen 100 takes travelers along the coast of Ireland’s northern point.  Since it is an almost complete coastal drive, everyone should see some spectacular views as they are driving.  While there are many places to stop along the way, many people find themselves drawn to Malin Head and the tiny village of Burnfoot. 

The Sally Gap

The coastline is not the only place that has the best driving routes and there are many that can be found inland.  The Sally Gap is one of those and travelers will find themselves looking out at expansive mountains and pretty lakes.  This route can be reached easily from Dublin, so it is an easy way to take a day trip away from the big city.  


This route takes people from the southern section of Clare all the way to Doonbeg on the Atlantic Coast of the country.  It is not the most direct route, but the scenery, attractions, and tranquility make it the best.  

Giant’s Causeway Coast

People will find themselves passing many of the tourist sites in Northern Ireland during this road trip.  The entire route is 190 kilometers in length and never loops back around, so people will travel quite some distance and see a large portion of the country.  A few must stop destinations include the Bushmills Distillery as well as the towns of Portrush and Portstewart.  

Touring Ireland by car is a fascinating experience that everyone can enjoy.  While an Ireland itinerary is helpful, it will need to be flexible, so that changes can be made as new discoveries are made.  




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