The poor life no bs

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THIS is the real way poor live through my eye and experiences and others I’ve met. Life as beying poor growing up we dint have nice things, something you’ve wanted could not be earnd no matter how much you tried and your sarounded by people who don’t understand. Kids with 200 dollers in their pocket and alounces and fresh Jay’s saying they were poor and couldn’t afford that new console people who astrasized you because you looked homeless in their eyes and beying the man of the house or the wife because the perents worked day and night and we’re to tierd to do chorse and sacrificing your future and education for a sibling because their wasn’t enough money for the 2 of you and one had to keep the house in working condition.  I came to America to get hit with more of the same opertunity was a lie. I had hoped to at least get a minimum wage job just to help with the bills but every submission and every interview was the same. When you don’t have the money to make your self look more than just decent and a resume fild with volenteer work so you can fill it with expiriances you never get the job you just don’t look good enough for their imiage you don’t have the proper connections for someone to vouch or put you in that job. You never get higherd and getting transportation is the same. No form of income means you don’t have credit no credit no car no house even if you use debit. Then ultimetly no buss since all of your money is on bills and basic living and all your time is wasted on who what when where is that job and how do I get that job. As you sit their struggling people yell at you saying how do you not have a job I have 2 or your just lazy when you’ve been doing everything in your power to get just 1 and all with graduation with straight A’s v.s. that populer kid where teacher’s feed you lies saying school work is the most important then realizing later you’ve wasted your child hood and all you learned is useless as the populer kid gets the good gets the job cuse connections and gets that money all with less than a D advredge and no skill and can berly even drive the car he’s bought. You then start to give up lessons from other milliars deemed useless outdated the ways they made money now illigal or unuptainable for instance plagerized and stole other people’s tech and made it look better with less functions and made more money that way same with windows. McDonald’s bought a burger joint for cheap than ran it’s competetor out of business by fluxing prices and walmart and Google both own a monopoly witch is also illigal they manufacture sell and buy their own goods. Farmers no longer can make money because seed companies maid it so that they of spring of plants can’t make seeds forcing them to buy more and labor and mechines and watter is more expensive making you really on the government for subsadies just to bearly hold on to the farm you have. You can no longer sell lemonade or smoothies like in the old days now you need food handlers card a business licence and a nother one to use the roach coach and a permission from the state or astablishment to sell on the spot you sell on and all that cost money with you don’t have. This applies to all minor ways to start up any bisness let alone a small road side shak. Now government trys to help trys to find you a job but they can’t force someone to give you it and those that do see you as trubble and plan ways to get rid of you making it hopeless. Now people wonder why the scuicide rate is so high when their to blind to see what it really like to be poor and that’s not even beying close to homeless Ness witch in some states is now illigal and instates that it is you get arrested for beying homeless by beying charged with loitering , public indecensy , disturbing the peace. Life now n days is a loving night mare with no end in sight. Till this day me and my family struggle and I’m still struggling to find work. I fear that soon I’ll be dead but on the other hand at least I’ll be free. Hoping not to be on the streets by the time this is read peace y’all. 

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