The rapid conquering of the Italian food

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Chinese food has always been popular in India especially South India and this territory is being rapidly conquered by the Italian food.

South Indians when they are looking to venture something outside their daily routine of rice, biryani or Idly, Dosa are exploring Italian food. Especially in big cities like Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. You will be amazed to know that just in Bangalore there are more than 700 outlets that serve Italian food and the hub Koramangala has almost 80+ restaurants from where you can order Italian food and also the  and major authentic restaurants are here in this locality and it is a hub for all the working professionals.

So the restaurants are always crowded and the trend of order food online in Koramangala is very common. There are players in this locality where they only deliver food like the FreshMenu, where they do not have dine in or take away option.

South Indians love their dairy products and Italian food is a cheese lover’s paradise. The variety of cheese Italian food is indulged in is mind blowing. Watching an IPL match with friends, a night out or a birthday treat, call a pizza home and have a blast. Santosh my friend from Bangalore has fallen love with not just the main course but also to the appetizers after he has been ordering food from FreshMenu and he says “my all-time favorite dish is now Risotto and lasagna after I tasted the amazing delicacies from FreshMenu”.

The south likes it spices and so does Italian food, the seasonings are a treat to the South Indian taste buds. Remarkably Italy also celebrates rice as much as south Indians do. Risotto has everything we aspire for, in a plate. Rice, Starch, Indulgent cheese and vegetables. Heck doesn’t it sound like the long lost cousin of Biryani, you may also Indianize it by adding to raitha to the dish 😉

The Italian food has totally indulged with Indian masalas to give us interesting treats. The Italians and Indians have more common than any country. The strong family ties and food culture is very close. However much we hear about carbs and that are not good we South Indians are still committed to carbs. Pasta, pizza and risotto have enough carbs to keep the South Indian happy until the next meal.

A recent survey on food ordering preferences in South India is conducted by an online food delivery company. The top favorites emerged are the Italian, Chinese and Punjabi cuisine. Interestingly Italian food emerged as 26% people preferring it followed by fast food and Chinese. The major attribution to the increased share is because of the growth of many food joints serving the order Italian food  trend and the result also shows Pizza is undoubtedly the most admirable dish.

Not just special occasions, Italian food is a frequent dish in the families specially in the urban cities. The kids have developed a great love to this cuisines and every small achievement be it more marks in exam, good performance in sports, kids are looking out for Italian food as their treat from their parents.



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