The rarest domain hacks for sale – GEMSTONES.DIAMONDS

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DIAMOND.COM sold for $7.5million in 2006 – YET NO WEBSITE ONLINE TODAY!!

To domain investor looking for a rare domain name hack which has a combination of two unique precious stones GEMSTONES.DIAMONDS IS UP FOR GRABS!

this domain name is perfect for an online store which will sell both precious stones such as all gemstones and diamonds.

This article actually give you an overview of the gTLDS vs .COM – The .com was actually more expensive to market online.

Based on the results of our “diamonds” test, it ultimately cost us more to use the .Com in a Google AdWords campaign than it did a .Diamonds domain name. The overall cost was $.43 cents more (the .Com was more expensive). 

To secure this rare gem domain name hack – PM us your best offer.

Perfect for all stone brokers, retail stores looking for a unique online brand identity!

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