The Roseville Remax Realtor has a bigger role to play in sale transactions

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If buying a house is difficult, selling one is more so. This is because you have to complete more formalities while selling a house as compared to buying. One of the most important formalities is to ascertain the genuineness of the buyer. It should not happen that you sell the property to a person with dubious credentials. One should ensure completion of proper disclosures and represent the property as it is.  It’s important that a buyer does their due-diligence  because a seller doesn’t always want to tell the buyer the negative issues. The Roseville Remax Realtor can help you in this endeavor.   Talk to the neighbors, see if they have any insight they can give.  People love to talk, just listen…
Just as the realtor conducts the KYC for the prospective buyer, he has to do so for the seller as well. Verifying the genuineness of the customers is the first responsibility of the realtor expert. In case of a sale transaction, the responsibilities of the realtor professional are more.   It’s more when we’re dealing with a trustee where we need a copy of the trust to verify that they have power of attorney to actually sign and sell the house.
The CMA report is a comprehensive one that can give the seller as well as the buyer a fair idea about the value of the property. This report accounts for the renovations and alterations made to the property after its acquisition. These renovations have an effect on the ultimate price. Hence, one should note this fact as well.  The CMA is often needed to put a sellers expectation into check.  It seems human nature for a seller to think their place is worth more than it really is.  This hurdle can be a difficult one.  Sometime taking a seller out to show them what other buyers are going to be comparing their house to is a tactic with employing.  Even when we sold our house in Orangevale, I had a fellow agent do my CMA, because it’s tough to be objective.
As a Roseville Remax Realtor I will prep a CMA for all my listing appointments.   All you need to provide me with some details and alterations that you have done.  New windows, heat/ac, roof… these are the big ticket items that will help to sell the house.  In case you have done some renovations, you should submit the plans, receipts, etc to enable the realtor to account for the same as well. Usually, the CMA report does not take much time because the guideline values are readily available. The advantage of using the services of the realtor professional is that you get the true value of the property. They are in touch with the market forces and know the demand and supply position better than you do. 
When it comes to obtaining a payoff demand, I’ll have the title company order that for us.  Most seller know a roughly how much they own on their place.  Just check your last statement!  When I do the NET sheet for the seller I leave that blank for them to fill in.  I basically breakdown all the costs associated with the sale of the property.  If you’re looking to sell and you’re in the Placer County, give me a call.
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Re/Max Gold – Chad Phillips
2998 Douglas blvd #125
United States
Phone   –   916-390-1476
Fax     –   916-218-7510

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