The Security of Information in FOTA-upgrade and the Networking Smart-car

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In the future, with the development of networking smart-car, this industry will face more and more challenges. The top priority is safe. Especially, the absolutely safe is absent in information safety field. However, the FOTA-upgrade as the last line of defense is the most suitable method to remedy the security vulnerabilities.

Rui Yanan claimed that Guangsheng FOTA not only persistently provide fastest update include entertainment system, ECU, gateway, T-box, ADAS and navigation system, etc, help them optimize collocation and repair the information security loophole, but also can reduce risk by emergency reflection and improve potential security problem. Whats more, FOTA needs to use the OEM security system interface to ensure its security capability. In the future, OEM enterprise can close the special service in emergency according to the level of information security problem, and upgrade the loophole patch for repairing.

Only use the FOTA-upgrde the present auto battery managerial technique, automatic transmission technology and message entertainment interaction can keep pace with the times. Rui Yanan also said that Guangsheng has cooperated with the OEM mainframe machine producer and Tire1 supplier. That ensures the new generation networking smart-car has the fundamental ability of long-distance update. 

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