The Shirt and Tie Guide

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Choosing the right combination of a shirt and a tie seems to be a straightforward proposition. However, the paradox of choice may hit you due to the overwhelming choices available in this combination. It can be daunting to mix the right colours and patterns for a stylish look when buying branded formal shirts online and matching ties. You need to start with some basics about the shirt and tie pairings to find the perfect balance and stay updated with the trends. Here’s how:

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Understand the Colour Theory:

When matching ties with your formal shirts, understanding the concept of colour is important. It is a factor that can stump even the style icons. You need to tackle the issue wisely by using tried and tested colour wheel theory. This visual representation of colours and their shades are usually divided into warm and cool colours. Warm colours like orange, red, and yellow exude vibrancy while cool colours like green, purple and blue represent calmness. You need to mix both these forms for creating a balanced look. For pairing the shirts and ties, the easiest way is pairing contrasting colours. If you are working on complementary colour, it is advisable to vary the shades. Always choose a tie in a shade darker than the shade of your shirt. It is the easiest way to look dapper on any occasion.

Understand the Pattern Mixing:

Like the colour scheme, it is also important to create an element of contrast with the shirt by choosing the right pattern in a tie. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid matching three patterns in your look. You need not choose different patterns to create a distinctive style. Rather, you can pick similar patterns in different proportions that are closer to each other. For example, you can match a wide-striped tie with a solid coloured suit and narrow-striped formal shirt. When looking for ties to be matched with branded formal shirts online, you should pick a pattern that enhances the overall appeal of your outfit. The safest bet is matching a patterned shirt with a solid tie.

Understand the Tones:

Apart from colour and pattern, you should pay attention to a proper selection of the tone in your tie. It refers to the contrast of shirt and tie as stand-alone garments in your complete look. For example, a low contrast shirt has a muted appearance and it should be paired with a high tonal or contrast tie.

Also, you should pay attention to the tie fabrics for creating a perfect style statement. Silk is a versatile choice for every season and occasion. Linen and cotton are other important fabrics available mostly in pastel shades. Remember all these points for matching a stunning tie with your classy dress shirt.

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