The Story behind Zero Gravity chairs better for your health than standard recliners

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A zero gravity chair is a special type of medical chair. It is highly adjustable and is so designed as to distribute the weight of the human body as uniformly as possible such that the net gravitational force on it is almost negligible. It subsequently creates a sense of complete weightlessness and exudes maximum comfort also.

Are Zero Gravity chairs better for your health than standard recliners?

Pain Relief- These chairs are more effective in relieving pain than the standard recliners. This is because they slant the backs and the neck regions rather than keep them in the ordinary upright positions. This way, less pressure is exerted onto the two regions of the body. As a result of these, less pain is felt by the body. Other than that, the chair also relaxes the veins and the wider circulatory system vessels. By reason of this, the chair also aids in mitigating the side effects of varicose veins, edema, and other blood-related inflammations.

Zero Gravity Chairs

Confers Added Comfort- This kind of chair is more comfortable than the standard recliner. This is mainly caused by the positions in which they both keep the body. The standard recliner keeps the body in the upright position. This subjects the backbone and the spinal cord to the influence of gravity. This, in turn, exerts some strain on the body as a whole. The zero gravity chairs, on the other hand, keep the body in an almost horizontal position. This position distributed the weight of the body evenly and also minimizes the gravitational force that is exerted onto the body. It hence brings along the benefit of added comfort.

Reduces Tensions and Fatigue- By sitting in a standard recliner for a longer duration of time, one suffers the consequence of increased tension and fatigue. This is because of the increased gravitational force that the body is generally subjected to, as has been discussed above. This is not the case though with the zero gravity chair. It differs from the standard recliner chair in the sense that it keeps the body in a nearly horizontal position. This reduces the tension that the various parts of the body and muscles may be subjected to. It is hence possible to sit on such a chair for long without ever feeling fatigued.

Enhanced Blood Circulation- The heart has to normally generate a lot of force or pressure to pump blood against gravity. This is what happens whenever a person sits in an upright position as is the case with the standard recliner seats. The opposite is true for zero gravity chairs. The heart expends less energy to generate just enough force or pressure to pump the blood around the body. By reason of this, the circulation of blood to the various parts of the body s greatly enhanced.

The Story behind Zero Gravity chairs better for your health than standard recliners.

Improved Ventilation and Breath-ability Other than improving the circulation of blood, the zero gravity chairs also improve the ventilation of lungs and the overall breath-ability of the human. This is by reason of laying the body in the nearly horizontal position. Persons who opt for these chairs are hence less predisposed to the risks of suffocation and other respiratory infections.


Conclusion- Owing to their exorbitant costs and complicated nature, no guesswork should be tolerated in the process of searching for the right one. Only a thorough and extensive zero gravity chair reviews can help guarantee this. This means that before carrying out a purchase, the interested party ought to invest a great deal of his time in seeking the views and testimonials from past users to gauge their experience and satisfaction. 

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