The surprising health benefits associated with yoga

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Yoga does increase flexibility and helps you to cope up with stress, but it can do more as it can help your body to twist to various shapes and find inner peace.  When you get hold of the list of yoga classes in Bangalore there are immense physical and mental benefits associated with it. The best part of it is that you can practice it in your room, bedroom or the kitchen and let us now understand the amazing skills associated with this form of activity.

It goes on to boast immunity

A new study points to the fact that the practice of yoga results in changes of gene expression, which does boost immunity at a cellular level. It does not take longer and the researchers were of the opinion that this change occurred when the participants were still on the mat. It does help to boost immunity by increasing your overall health. As you breathe better, circulation improves and all the organs function better.

The sun salutation is the recommended pose as it is a series of eight poses performed in a single row.

Eases migraines

Researches also point to the fact that the suffering from migraines have less of it, after 3 months of practice of yoga. This is one of the main reasons why yoga classes Bangalore has become popular. The exact cause of migraine is not understood, but it could be combination of mental or physical factors.

In this regard, the bridge pose is recommended, as you lie on the back with the knees bent and your feet hip distance apart from the floor. The shoulders should be kept in line with the base of the neck and the chest should be tilted towards the chin.

Contributes to better sexual performance

Studies point to the fact that about 12 weeks of regular practice of yoga do improve the physical performance in both men along with women. At a physical level, yoga does increase the supply of blood to the genital level which is important for erections. On a mental level, the control of mind can also add to the performance.

The feet should be set together with the knees bend and touching down the floor. The feet should be folded by bringing the knees closer to the ground while removing the groin back. It is a great form of hip opener.

Sleep better

Once you are into the regular practice of yoga, it does help you to sleep better. Another study is of the opinion that the survivors of cancer feel much better with the regular practice of the same. With the help of breathing or mental exercises your mind is in a much better space and you are able to slow down. Your head can’t stop spinning and the feeling of stress or anxiety is reduced to a large extent.


The pose which is suggested in this regard is Savasana which is the final pose in a yoga class and aims at restoring the balance of your body. You should lay on your back with the legs slightly apart and the arms should be extended on the side with the hands on your belly. You should then inhale or exhale through the nose and the belly will rise and fall in your hands.

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