The Thobe is Traditional Islamic Men’s Clothing

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Every religion has a specific style of traditional clothing. This is the greatness of human culture. With the help of dressing style anyone can immediately identify the religion to which the person belongs to. You have the example of the Islamic men’s clothing, “the thobe.” Anyone can wear a thobe for the matter, but it is the Muslim population in the world who prefer to wear this dress. Usually, an Arabian dress, this thobe has spread to all parts of the world in the same way Muslims have done so. Hence, this garment has different names in different countries. They call it the Jubba or the kaftan in India and Pakistan respectively.
The thobe is a long, overflowing upper garment that literally stretches down to the ankles. You can wear your normal pants inside as well. In the earlier days, you had the thobes in pure white color alone. However, now it has become a fashion statement of sorts. Hence, you have the thobe for men in a variety of colors such as blue, red, green, and all the possible colors.
Initially the Bedouin Arabs used the thobe to protect themselves from the extreme heat of the desert. This explains the white color of the thobe. White is the best color to reflect light as well as heat. This dress is most suited for the Arabs because it can cover the entire length of the body. You need absolute protection during the sandstorms that are so common in the deserts. 
You find the thobe in Islamic countries more than the others. However, in countries like India that has a sizeable Islamic population, the thobe is a very common garment available in all stores selling Islamic garments. There are many such specific shops in India. You find them, usually spread over the Islamic dominated areas in the cities. Mashroo is one such shop selling the finest quality Islamic garments like the Thobe. This shop is based in Mumbai,which also has a strong online presence. People from all over the country as well as other parts of the world do the shopping for their traditional Islamic clothing online from this shop.
Islamic clothes are excellent in many ways. The traditional Islamic dresses are a treat to watch with the highest quality of embroidery all over them. In a similar way, the thobes have gained great fame as a traditional Islamic dress. You can see some of the most exquisite embroidery work around the collars and the chest portion of the garment. Embroidery and Islamic garments go hand in hand. This is the only religion that places great emphasis on embroidered clothes. Now, other religions have also followed suit, but the original credit should go to Islam alone. 
The thobe for men is an attractive piece of clothing. It gives you a wonderful regal appearance with its long, overflowing coat that stretches below the knees. The times are changing, but the cultures & traditions will remain the same as they are. However, the basic design of the thobe has remained the same for the past decades. This is a glowing tribute to the Islamic religion. 

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