The Ultimate Guide to a Long Table Saw Life

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Be it expert woodworkers or people who do some of their daily wood tasks themselves, everyone loves a portable table saw for its sturdiness and dependability. The fact that most professionals know while the newbies don’t is the importance of a fixed maintenance schedule. The most accomplished woodworkers treasure their tools. When one pays attention to a product, it rewards them back.

So, what are the benefits of sticking to a consistent maintenance schedule?

First,  maintaining the portable table saw is crucial to safety. If one doesn’t pay attention to something like a table saw, of course, it’s about to become a lot of dangerous to use. However, keeping the saw well-tuned will increase its longevity. Thus, it indirectly ends up in cash saved over time. So here’s how one should go about it:

Hours Worked, Not Human Time

This should be everybody’s motto. It means scheduling the maintenance of the portable table saw on the hours of use, not after a given period. If someone works more, they will require more maintenance. If someone works less, they would require less maintenance.

So how frequent should a saw be taken for maintenance? Well, this is a tough question to answer as all saws are different from each other. So this would depend. However, one thing to be sure about is that it’s always better to over care for the saw than not paying attention to it at all.

Aligning the saw correctly

This is important as the blade of the table saw may be damaged, and it might not be available for next use. Also if the saw is not properly aligned it might hurt the worker, and will for sure cause bad cuts and the whole purpose of using a table saw gets defeated. The blade should be parallel to the piece on which it is to be used on.

Cleaning up and lubing the guts

To make sure that the table saw has a long life one should always lube them to make their life longer. Lubing the saw properly means reducing the friction between the parts, and it would mean that they won’t wear off quickly.

Replacing the parts

Taking care and aligning the elements is important but even after doing everything after some time one needs to replace the parts to optimize the performance of their table saw. Once the parts get old, they get worn out due to the high amount of friction and thus need to replace with new parts. Getting original branded products is best as even though they cost a little more, they ensure a long life of both the table saw a new part. The original parts also have a warranty which the local parts don’t and hence ensure the best health.

Wrapping Up

It’s crucial to wrap up everything once the work is over. Most people leave their stuff lying around which might be dangerous, in case there are children around. So it’s vital to wrap up everything. Not only for the purpose of safety but wrapping up also ensures a longer life of the machine.

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