The Ultimate Guide to The Best 5 Free Tools to Live Stream Your Event Online

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When you live streaming an event, you want the audience. And to get that audience you need the right tools as well as understanding. 

With everything being live streamed, Instagram and its live video options, Google, and its hangouts, are gaining more popularity. Right from events where President Obama’s inauguration was live streamed to Michael Jackson’s memorial. The broadcasters now cater to an audience that wants to interact in the NOW. With each individual having access to web streaming tools, and applications, most of which are free, there is so much content available, so many events being promoted. So how to get attention to your content? Here are some tools you could or should use depending on whether you are new or are doing it wrong!

1. Ustream: Ustream is the most shoulder-giving and reliable tool you can come across to gain attention and broadcast events while and as they happen. This is the tool responsible for making live streaming popular in the USA since it was behind Obama and MJ’s major events. With its strong broadcasting network on the Twitter, it has plenty of users which rate them high and now they are even on Facebook.

2. Google Hangouts on Air: Now Google in itself is a major name, and when they launch something or cater something, there will be users and attendees and many! Google Hangouts works for the Google+ users, where you can start live webcasting and 10 other users can join you then and there. You can gain views by sending people your address, and they can watch your stream.

3. Facebook Livestream: There isn’t anything that Facebook can’t do, is there? With its Livestream FB gives its many, MANY users to live streaming their content and get views. It is an amazing and free tool to get the instant promotion and viewers. You can make your page famous, your event known. Say, you have an upcoming event in your college and the task is to get as many people to like the event page or register for it, all you have to do is smartly start streaming the work in progress, the making and let people ask. Also, to make the event popular enough to run in the local paper, stream it, get more people to see it, broadcast it and Voila! More than half your work is done.

4. Oovoo: Not that different from Skype when it comes to a video calling service, but, it does have a unique feature when used properly can gain traction for your event. Oovoo gives you a unique video chat room, where you can share the link of your event, manage the room and its access through a password and slowly in hushed voices make it the talk of the town.

5. ALL the others: You have at your disposal tools like YouNow, Xsplit and so much more. Just waiting out there, for you to use the right tool for your broadcast.

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