The Web Sphere and its Usage in 2017

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Chestnuts will roast. Lights will twinkle. Snow is falling. And 2017 is nearing its end. What better time to look back at a few top stats?

Our gift to you: the tech year in review.

The Rise of Mobile

The mobile onslaught continues, with smartphones, tablets and phablets (a device that combines a smartphone and tablet) finally surpassing their desktop counterparts in overall online activity in 2017. Just how much do we love our mobile connectivity? Well, consider the following:

75% of Americans freely admit to bringing their phones to the bathroom (and the other 25% just might not be admitting it).

That is some serious attachment. We are quite literally connected at all times and in all places.

  • 70% of mobile searches lead to online action of some kind within an hour
  • 52% of Americans use their smartphones in store while shopping to find out more about a product, and to compare prices
  • 68% of Gmail and Yahoo email opens occur exclusively on mobile devices
  • More than 01 billion Facebook users are mobile-only

The Social Media Goliath

Just what are people doing online? Browsing, email, and games are in the mix, but overwhelmingly (and increasingly), it’s social media that takes the bulk of our online time. Consider this:

  • 72% of internet users are now active on social media. As SITE123 says, Social media platforms are unbeatable when it comes to effectively market your business and the extreme engagement ratio on these channels make it the superlative engagement channel.
  • Between 13-16 minutes of EVERY hour is spent on social media by an average individual in places like Canada, the US, Australia, and the UK.

And it continues to grow, although the old guard is slowly being replaced. Instagram saw the largest increase in active use at 23%, with YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest finding places near the top as well. Not in the top ten for active growth? Facebook. The platform actually experienced a -3%, and its largest demographic that is increasing is the 55+ age group. Teenagers and 20-somethings are moving on to greener pastures…

But while its growth has stopped, Facebook is still the undisputed champion when it comes to overall numbers. There are 2.01 billion active accounts on the platform. The next closest has only half of that. And Americans spend about 114 billion minutes on Facebook. Each. Month. That’s about 1.9 billion hours of potential engagement.

The visual platforms like YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat are emerging as the most popular and widely used, and all experienced positive growth in 2017. Videos and photos are the most shared, liked, and viewed type of post in the social media sphere. Brands are migrating to them in record numbers: nearly 84% of luxury brands, for example, now have a presence on Instagram.

Social media is a powerhouse tool. With numbers in the hundreds of millions, mobile access, and instant connection, it’s not going anywhere. It’s far more important than most of us realize, and a few well chosen and actively managed profiles can increase your leads, your retention, your conversions, your loyalty, and your revenue. Far from being the domain of teenagers and slackers, social media is crucial like never before to running a successful business in any industry.

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