The World’s Most Expensive Beauty Treatments

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Have you ever imagined a $15,000 worth of beauty treatment? Most probably not. At this price, you could buy a car or go for a holiday of some sort, but a facial treatment is not that common. Usually, women undergo regular facial treatments to enhance their appearance, but if you can spend a whopping $15,000, then you are in an entirely different league. Here are some of the world’s most expensive facial beauty treatments.

Borba diamonds and rubies – $7,000

Invented by Scot-Vincent Borba, this expensive facial treatment involves the use of powdered diamonds and rubies made into a paste then painted onto your skin. This extravagance is aimed at giving the skin an antioxidant boost, detoxifying, fortifying and clarifying the skin. It leaves the skin feeling soft, healthy and with a lovely sheen. 

Evian water – $11,000

This unique treatment by Evian involves having a bath in drinkable water with rose petals. The water will leave your skin rehydrated and plumped. It gives you a wonderful change from your regular bath water. If you aren’t satisfied with one bath, there is a hotel in the U.S. that allows clients to stay the night to bathe in Evian water for only $15,000.

Consider great savings of making your bath water with rose petals from your backyard or garden and a box of Evian from the store. Sprinkle the petals on the bath tub filled with Evian water and dunk. You can have fun bathing as many times as you like without paying through the nose.

Vampire facials – $1,700

If you are squeamish, you may re-think this treatment, but it is a bargain if you compare it to the other treatments. It is widely available but it needs to be applied by someone who is specialized and has medical knowledge. This treatment rejuvenates the skin. 

Your platelets are separated and then injected back into the skin. This treatment is claimed to make the face look youthful. You’ll certainly not be pale-faced once you are done. Customer reviews talk of improved skin texture and tone, so if you have the money, this is one facial treatment any daring person can try.

Golden Glow – $4,000

The use of gold in serum and moisturizers is very common these days making this treatment not that out of this world. Its price is however very high – a spa in Malibu charges $4,000 to give a full body treatment. This procedure takes about four hours and 24-carat gold sheets. Serums are used to moisture-activate the gold sheets which are then placed on the skin and infused with ions and ultrasonic nano-mist. It is said to stimulate cell growth for a healthier cell activity.

Most beauty products contain gold due to its myriad of benefits for the skin. In case you cannot afford it, just ask your beauty therapist for the best gold-based moisturizer that will have a similar glow effect on your skin at a much lower cost.

Thermage treatment – $1,500

It is natural for your skin to lose its elasticity with age. The youthful skin appearance can be achieved through surgery. If you want to avoid the scalpel, Thermage treatment, a non-surgical option for face tightening can be used. It stimulates the production of collagen by use of LED lights. Thermage clinics around the world perform this treatment. Those who want quick results can choose this treatment even though it’s expensive. It’s tested and scientifically proven to give results without undergoing surgery. 

There are other treatments that are increasing in popularity. Reading Cosmos Clinic reviews on Cosmetic Journey shows that Vaser liposuction is becoming a popular choice for fat removal. Fat is melted using ultrasound energy before it is removed through a thin tube.

Getting quality beauty treatments doesn’t have to be expensive. You can achieve similar results without breaking the bank. The inexpensive alternatives can be just as useful. It pays to investigate the ingredients that go into the expensive facial and find alternatives that may be ten times cheaper and just as effective.

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