The World’s Most Extravagant Dining Experiences

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Nothing says living in the lap of luxury
like eating artfully crafted dishes created by the most talented culinary minds
in the world. The best Michelin-star
offer up an exclusive dining experience — and the bill to
match. Rare, high quality ingredients, paired with impeccable service and
beautiful ambience, come at a price, but for the self-proclaimed foodie it’s a
price worth paying. If premium plates are what you’re after, take a look at
this list of the world’s most expensive restaurants.


Located in the heart of Kyoto, Japan,
Kitcho is one of the
most expensive restaurants
in the entire country, and it’s the most
expensive restaurant in the entire world that also boasts 3 Michelin stars.
Headed by Executive Chef Kunio Tokuoka, Kitcho delivers on consummate Kaiseki
dining, which is a traditional form of dining that relies on multiple, formal
courses. It’s believed to be the best in the country partly due to Tokuoka’s
creative take on a time-honoured cuisine. Just one meal costs approximately


The Big Apple plays hosts to another of the
world’s 3 Michelin-starred restaurants, and with meals amounting to $450 before
tip, it’s also one of the most expensive. That’s thanks to the fact that much
of the menu’s ingredients are flown all the way from Japan, as Chef Masa
Takayam creates a traditional tasting menu centred around the best sushi in
Manhattan. Masa is found in the Time Warner Center on the south-west corner of
Central Park, delineating the border of the Upper West Side and Midtown,
offering up metropolitan views as you eat.


Plaza Athénée

You’ll have to fly around the world to the 8th
arrondissement in Paris in order to dine at the Plaza Athénée, where world
renowned chef, Alain Ducasse, has designed an opulent dining experience in the
Hotel Plaza Athénée. The surroundings alone are to take your breath away, as
its all-white room is lined with towering Ionic columns, and visitors dine in
ultra-modern tables underneath a ceiling that features crystal chandeliers. The
plates, which serve up some of the world’s most famous Haute Cuisine, can go
for about $550.

For some, nearly half a grand on just one
plate — eaten over the course of just one evening — is a trivial detail of
their extravagant hobbies, but for others, this gastronomical expensive may be
hard to stomach.  A visit to Masa or
Kitcho has to be deliberately prepared for and planned, usually around special
events, rather than common occurrences.

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There’s no denying the fact that Kitcho, Masa, and Plaza Athénée offer up some of the world’s most extravagant dining experience. Whether or not you need financial help in order make a reservation at any of these fine establishments, the fact remains: if you’re a foodie who wants to try the world’s top rated and priced dishes, then you must make it out to Kyoto, New York, and Paris.

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