The Zoomcar Option: Daily Commute Made Easy

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Wish there were the commuting options like a car owner? Thanks to Zoomcar, one can drive to work and save time and energy without burning a hole in the pocket. Public transport is a lifeline of Bangalore but with each passing day, the pressures of a growing population are making it a challenge to commute using the options available. Auto-rickshaw rides are getting more expensive and booking a cab all the time might not be a great idea with surge pricing. Long distances from home to the workplace can just sap the juice out of people as they negotiate daily commute. Renting with Zoomcar gives customers control as this company has a commute-specific rental plan. Car rentals in Bangalore provide a better and flexible option as one gets to take charge of one’s own mobility. With free km per hour and multiple plans including a commute special, there are many ways in which one can save on daily travelling expenditures and experience comfort of driving in the city.

A Commute Friendly Plan

One of the salient features of Zoom car self-drive car rental in Bangalore is the customised rental plans meant for different types of travel including daily commute. With Zoom commute one can hire a Zoomcar for an entire week at a reasonable price. The best part of Zoom’s special commute plans is that one can carpool and save lots of money with no compromise on comfort. With so many ways to reduce expenditure, one can enjoy a car owner’s lifestyle without some of the liabilities that come with car ownership. And remember, fuel is free.

Become a member

Using Zoomcars on a regular basis qualifies one to be a member of the Super milers Club. Not only does Zoom commute take the hassle out of the daily travelling on a budget, the loyalty program also ensures that one can book cars without a security deposit, and receive many other benefits too.

Super Easy Booking

Zoomcar is a car rental for the on-the-go generation and values time. The simple booking process can be completed on the fast and light Zoomcar app or a few clicks on the website. Choose a vehicle from a list of hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs, upload license and unlock car details via SMS or the app. While picking up the car, make a small security deposit and fill up a small checklist – that’s it. To close a booking, bring the car back to the original pickup point and fill in a checklist and return the keys.

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