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When it comes to the cell phone spy software, TheOneSpy is always known for the world most powerful and ultimate mobile phone spy software.  It is full of robust features which are more than 250+. It is known for its efficiency and accuracy. The reasonable price also stunned the users; it has been developed by the highly talented team of developers not for just making money, to serve the humanity. It is perfect monitoring application for parenting purposes as well as for tracking employees within the business organization. The application is a complete package for parents to set effective parenting on kids and teens, outstanding for tracking employees and groundbreaking tool for data backup. All of its features have their own importance in the field of parenting and to scrutinize employee’s activities. There are following breathtaking features which are very effective and reliable for parenting, securing data and to track employees.

IM’s Social Media

For parenting point of view, this particular tool of the cell phone spy app enables parents to protect their kids and teens from all social media dangers. It allows parents to view the logs of social networking apps such as chat logs, conversations, VOIP calls and multimedia files such as photos and videos.


In business organizations, employees’ use passwords on company owned devices and on the installed applications. Keylogger of the powerful monitoring software allows employers to view password keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, Messenger keystrokes and email keystrokes.

Track GPS Location

Parents can track the location of their children and employers can track the location of their employees with the help of track GPS location of the cell phone spy app. It empowers users to view the current location, location history, weekly location history and user can also mark the safe and restricted areas for their employees and parents for kids and teens.

Browsing History

Parents usually have concern over their kids and teens when they spend most of their time on tech gadgets such as smartphones and visit multiple websites and social networking apps. They can view browsing history logs and bookmarked websites by using the browsing history of the monitoring app.

Remotely Phone Controller

Parents can also control the phones of kids and teens remotely through remotely phone controller. It enables users to view all the installed apps, remote monitoring, they can lock the device, they can make their monitoring preferences, block the internet remotely, block text messages and they can also block the stranger’s incoming calls on their kid’s device.

Phone Bugging

Parents can record surrounding sounds with the help of MIC bug and listen to the sounds, they can make short videos of the surroundings through spyvidcam and can track the location of children by using the camera bug and capture photos through a back and front camera of the target device.

Spy on calls

Employers that have serious concerns over their employees while dealing with the clients, they can track all the calls. They can record live calls and come to know that what sort of behavior they have with the clients. They can view all the calls history and then save it over the internet.

Spy on Text messages

It enables parents to make a check on kids and teens text messages, MMS, iMessage monitoring, BBM chat messages and heads up tickers notification.

Email Tracking

Email tracking is one of the most popular subjects within the business enterprises. Employers always want to keep an eye on their employee’s emails sent by the clients or somewhere else. For an effective email tracking the smartphone tracking software is the best tool. It allows users to view their Gmail and incoming outgoing emails.

View Multimedia Files

Parents can set effective parenting by keeping an eye on the multimedia files of kids and teens. They can capture screen shots of all the activities kids and teens perform on the target device, they can look at their photos from phones gallery and shared videos and they can listen to the voice recording effectively.



As for as monitoring apps are concerned, they are a number of in the market, but of you want spy app to monitor kids and teens and to keep an eye on your employees. Then cellphone tracking software is the ultimate tool. 

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