There are no buyers yet for this $12.5M Brooklyn Luxury Mansion with a Mafiarelated past

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This $100M Beverly Hills Mansion Comes With Exotic Cars and a Champagne Vault

This $100M Beverly Hills mansion comes with exotic cars and a champagne vault! And it is not even the most expensive mansion in Beverly Hills!

We’ve seen a house that is as extravagant as this one, remember? The $250 Million mansion in LA, which comes with helicopter and exotic car collection. Now you do remember?


But this Opus Estate is almost as extravagant as that one. We’ve noticed that Los Angeles is the place to be recently, the place where you find everything you are looking for, especially lavish proprieties.

The latest luxurious property comes with a $100 million price tag. Called Opus Estate, this mansion was built by productive developer Nile Niami.

‘It is rare that anyone is able to acquire a lot such as this. There is nothing left on Hillcrest of this size and the home is turnkey.

‘This is the only home of this caliber that will be available to a potential buyer.

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