These Are the 15 Most Outrageous Gifts in NFL History

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     1. Most of us prepare for Secret Santa exchanges by scouring TJ Maxx for something that looks expensive, but totally isn’t. Cornerback Buster Skrine pulled Joe Haden’s name out of the hat at the Brown’s 2014 exchange, and he went all-in with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti    sneakers (they’re about $500 a pop). You won’t find those at TJ Maxx.

      2. Tom Brady, the spokesman for Uggs’ line for men (of course he is), once bought “four or five” pairs of the fuzzy footwear for each member of the Patriots roster—apparently he had trouble convincing his teammates that the shoes were best worn indoors. At least he has finally be reunited with his Super Bowl NFL jersey!

       3. While a quarterback will often buy gifts for his offensive line, Russel Wilson once bought each member of his offense a brand new Xbox One. RGIII, while still in D.C., hooked up his O-line with the Microsoft console as well.

       4. Following his record streak of 100-yard rushing games in 2014, DeMarco Murray bought new iMacs for each of his offensive linemen. They (the computers, not the linemen) cost $1,300 apiece.

       5. Aaron Rogers once gave each of his linemen and his back-up QBs 55-inch LED TVs, as did then-Raven Justin Forsett. The difference? According to CBS, Forsett only earned $730,000 that season.

       6. Tony Romo showed off some cosmopolitan flair by purchasing Louis Vuitton luggage for each member of his offensive line and tight end Jason Witten. 2014 was a good year for the Cowboy’s line—it was the same season that DeMarco Murray lavished them with brand new iMacs.

       7. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith once rewarded his offensive line with Louis Vuitton handbags—it sounds like a great idea, but a handbag of that size probably looks like, well, a purse when carried by the likes of Eric Fisher.

       8. Chad Ochocinco gave each of his Patriots teammates a pair of Beats by Dre before Super Bowl XLVI—the Boston Herald valued the gift at $28,000.

       9. During his time in Tennessee, Eddie George purchased 4-wheelers for his entire offensive line.

       10. Running back Arian Foster signed a five-year, $43.5 million contract with the Texans in 2012. Where did that money go? We can account for at least $65,000 of it—he bought Segways for his ten offensive lineman, each of whom probably exceeded the 260 lb. weight limit. He apparently didn’t learn from Reggie Bush that linemen were too heavy—Bush did the same thing in 2011.

       11. Vikings’ legend Adrian Peterson purchased personalized Arctic Cat snowmobiles for his offensive line following his MVP season—a gift that they could quite literally drive to practice every day in Minnesota.

       12. Just in case you mistakenly thought Tom Brady’s gift of Uggs was impressive—Tom Brady gave his linemen Audi Q7s after the Patriots’ undefeated 2008 season.

       13. Carson Palmer’s 2005 offensive line hit it big that off-season—the quarterback had a brand new hot tub delivered to each lineman’s house.

       14. Colt McCoy gifted his O-line with Big Green Eggs (those are specialty charcoal grills, for the uninitiated) following the 2011 season.


       15. Infamously cheap Brett Favre took his offensive line to Cancun after Super Bowl XXXII—but he still made them participate in an autograph session in the middle of the trip.

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