These Celebrities Are Making a Comeback in Advertisement Campaigns

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We’ve all seen some pretty great ads featuring celebrities. Equally, we’ve seen many celebrity ads that have backfired, too, such as Kendall Jenner’s Pespi ad that received backlash on social media for making light of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Whether good or bad, celebrities from A-listers to has-beens being featured in advertisements is nothing new. Let’s face it, celebrities help companies generate attention, build their brands and make sales. Plus these famous faces get money out of it, too. In fact, from starring in ad campaigns, some celebrities even find their way back to the spotlight.


Angelina Jolie – Guerlian


Hollywood and the press love Angelina Jolie and so do perfume houses. Back in February 2017, the famed actress starred in her first beauty campaign in ten years, when she appeared as the face for Guerlian’s new women’s fragrance “Mon Guerlian”. The fragrance was inspired by the actress, mother and much-loves style icon, and in true Angelina Jolie fashion, she donated the money she made from the ad to a charitable cause.


Benicio del Toro – Heineken


In 2016, actor Benicio del Toro stared in a huge ad campaign launched by Heineken. The purpose behind the campaign was to inform consumers (particularly in the U.S. market) about the Heineken brand, which they respect and recognize by its green bottle and red star but that Heineken feels they know very little about. Interestingly, Benicio was the perfect choice for their ads because apparently the actor is regularly confused for other leading celebrities. The slogan for the campaign was genius: “There’s more behind the star”


Zachi Noy – DrueckGlueck


Zachi Noy rose to fame in the Lemon Popsicle film series in the 70’s and 80’s. Today, however, Noy is best known for his appearance on Germany’s fifth season of Celebrity Big Brother, which aired in August 2017. Unfortunately for Noy, he was responsible for an upsetting incident on the show that lead to him urinating in a shower stall and using his fellow housemate’s towel to clean up the mess he made on the floor. When she found out, she was furious. Luckily for Noy, online casino brand DrueckGlueck made light of the incident in an advertisement where the brand surprised the actor with a shower that came with a built-in urinal. Now, all’s well that ends well for Zachi Noy and DrueckGlueck.

Peter Fonda – Mercedes

Peter Fonda is “still looking good” in the 2017 Super Bowl ad from Mercedes. The 77 year-old American actor, known for movies like Easy Rider, is featured in this humorous commercial, which is a classy spoof of this film. A group of aging bikers act tough, only to later be amazed by Peter Fonda who at first blocks the gang’s bikes with his Mercedes before speeding away, all the while “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf plays in the background.  

Matthew McConaughey – Lincoln

In some cases, it’s the other way around; it’s a brand that uses a celebrity to try to make a comeback. This has been the case with auto industry brand Lincoln, which surprised everyone by making a comeback and using Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey in several advertisements.

Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ad

One such ad is the “Bull” Matthew McConaughey and the MKC Lincoln commercial, where McConaughey has a conversation with himself (and a bull) in the MKC car, while he’s stopped in the middle of the road in front of an actual bull. The series of Lincoln commercials featuring the American actor have been a huge success and garnered positive attention for Lincoln, putting the all-but-forgotten automaker back in the spotlight.

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