Thibaut Fabric for Making a Man’s Cave at Home

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When it is all about men caves, men can provide with huge amount of ideas. Well, it’s not a secret that the guys always fight for having their own space, so the idea of getting a personal cave may sound quite tempting. Let’s be fair, gentlemen, sometimes it’s quite a challenge to win a separate place from all the people living in the house.

But let’s not forget that caves aren’t created equal. It’s vital to be sure that the following cave check-list is completed:


·         The space is comfortable

·         The design is stylish with Thibaut wallpapers

·         The interior is fun

·         The room is decorated


It seems to be easy to follow this list, but in reality it’s not. On top of that, there is one more list to be observed about dos and don’ts. Let’s consider them in details.



·         Make a plan


When designing or decorating any room, having a clear plan is obligatory. If you want to have an individual style apartment, you should decide on Thibaut fabric, color palette and use lots of resources, and get inspiration online, for instance, Mahones Wallpaper Shop, Pinterest, and etc. to make the style unique and close to the homeowner’s personality and character.


·         Quality is what you demand


It’s a great way to start making your own cave with bringing quality pieces into it, like Thibaut fabric and etc. Even if you have some favorite things, you may keep them and invest money into furniture and accessories, which will serve you for a long time. Saving money is a good thing, but don’t sacrifice your cave to save some coins.


·         Keep in mind the little things


Big picture of a man’s cave is just the idea of the perfect man’s space. But you should remember about the small details: accessories and pieces that should be accented and emphasized, and will higher your space to the next level. Small things should express your personality, even though they may look sometimes like the things for show.

What is the small thing? Ok, it is Thibaut wallpapers, a notebook to the desk, or a cup to coffee table, pillows for the man’s sofa or bookcase accessories, and etc.




·         Comfort is not for you, remember that


With the attempt to create your space that looks awesome for you, sometimes you may forget that the place should be not only stylish, but – what is even more important – comfortable. Comfort must be the key point for you. As far as you are going to spend lots of time there, it is vital for you to enjoy and get pleasure of being in your cave. Well, this is a man’s cave, but that doesn’t obligatory mean that it should really look like a cave.


·         Run mad with the theme


The ideas of making a cave are often based on a theme. Well, it’s not bad, actually, but just don’t get carried away too far with it. For instance, using Thibaut fabric is considerable, btu adding too many accessories of the same theme may look … awkward.


·         Huge TV is a must.


For everyone having a huge TV seems to be the perfect idea, but it could take its toll. First, make research about the appropriate size of the TV for your room.

No matter how old you are or what your marriage status is, everyone needs to have a personal space. Man cave makes you feel free to express their true nature. The complete freedom gives much: watching football with friends, relaxing with a game, or just sitting in a pure silence when getting some extra work done.


The man cave may be of any shape and size, and no matter where it is located, either in the garage or in a secret passageway. The most important is that this is a space where you have the full power to control designing your cave with Thibaut design. Take all the advantages, especially when you have all the means for that, add your character, live out your dreams and make your cave unique.


Pros for a personal space are endless! And, for sure, there are some essentials present that should be in every man’s cave. What does a man need? Well, not much: entertainment, TV and food. So, before you start creating your own cave, make sure that the following must-have items are included into the interior of the absolute man space:


1.       A recliner


Oh, don’t be surprised that this item is the first of the essentials list. Frankly speaking, not all men love watching TV and sport channels. Above, it has been already said that man’s cave is not for sport and beer only, but – mostly! – for relaxation and getting away. You may use it for client calls, fall asleep on your favorite couch and just hang out with friends.


2.       TV


The man has to have a separate place to watch the Super Bowl or other sport events. To have the full picture you need a large TV with flat screen. And even if this is not a sporting evening for you, watching a movie with family once in a while is also possible.


3.       Bar and fridge


What is the man’s cave for, apart from watching TV? Right, it’s all about NOT going upstairs to get a cold beverage. That is why having a fridge and bar is essential in your cave. Full bar is highly recommended, but in case of limited space fridge will be enough.


4.       Pool table


Not only TV is needed for a man’s cave. Other entertainments should be also available, and to do that the pool table is just the thing.


5.       Poker table / Dart Board


These are two essentials in the man’s cave that are highly encouraged. Although this is the place for you only, but sometimes you family may join you, and that is the good reason to play cards. Moreover, it may become a great memory of your children in the future – playing cards with family in the father’s cave.


6.       Secret door as a bonus


Agree, the secret passageway would be just awesome!


7.       Personal touch


This is your place and when somebody comes to your cave, they shouldn’t forget about it. So, make this place personalized, starting from Thibaut fabric on the walls, and up to the trophies that you have won recently.


8.       Movie posters


What a man space is without at least one movie poster from a real man movie! Well, there should be more than one: The Godfather, Scarface and etc. This is the personalization of the cave and at the same time an ideal of expressing your personality. With these movie posters with your favorite monsters or heroes you allow guests to have a closer look at real you. Your favorite movie may tell a lot about you as a person, so don’t lose an ideal chance to express yourself.

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