Thing to Care when You Choose an Information Security Consultancy

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Despite all the benefits of penetration testing, not every aspect of the process is rosy in its helpfulness. Some crucial issues need to be taken into consideration when choosing an information security consultancy.  Tester trustworthiness is of the essence since the bottom line of information security consultancy implies that the penetration company doing the tests is third-party people who break into your organization’s systems and data.


You should remember that these people you are hiring to perform penetration testing of your network and system are hackers. While the inescapable and practical value is inevitable, these professional hackers have experience that they have gained from breaching systems and networks for wrong reasons.  Therefore, an obvious trust issue gets created whenever you are thinking of using a penetration testing service.

At the same time, it would be expensive to have your in-house staff to use great pen test software packages and tools, as this may also compromise your internal information security issues. Therefore, for an effective and efficient way of having something strong against cyber attackers is having third-party consultants to try and break into your system due to employee experiences and competencies. Therefore, the best way and most decent solution are to carefully choose the most highly reputable company that has a track record of trustworthiness, as well as problem free client satisfaction.

Another thing to care about when choosing an information security consultancy is their unrealistic test conditions, which is a potential detriment. Therefore, regularly scheduled penetration tests have the possibility of raising a sense of self-righteousness or impractical levels of preparedness among in-house information security staff, since they will be aware that when the penetration test is ongoing, they will prepare well in expectation and perform against the pre-planned intrusion.

Given that real life attacks come in ways that are not getting expected in unique and creative ways in such a way that they are hard to plan for at all, it is important to hire third-party information security consultants.  Therefore, the possible solution to such kinds of dangers is to perform periodic or unannounced penetration tests that occurrence and scheduling are only known to the information security consultants to get hired or professional hackers, as well as the upper echelon management rather than every in-house security employee. It will help in better detecting realistic weaknesses in the system or network.

Before hiring a third party penetration tester, it is important to conduct a manual penetration testing that is comprehensive. But, it may be costly and time-consuming, it is essential to gauge information security firms to get hired for their quality of penetration tests that will perform vulnerability assessments that are both known and unknown. Therefore, it is essential to do a background check so that the information security consultancy firm you are hiring will not just conduct a vulnerability assessment but will engage in a comprehensive penetration test that your customers will be happy about.

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