Three Outfits that Master the Art of Layering

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Winter fashion’s biggest and trickiest trend to master is layering. You never know which layer goes where. Whether you can wear a hooded jacket under a denim jacket or by itself.

Whether you can pair a strappy top over a normal t-shirt or not.

In order to solve your queries, here are some rules of layering you can abide by:

·         Always wear the thinner layers first and gradually make your way up to the thicker ones.

·         Mix up smart and casual pieces. This will allow your outfit to look more put together rather than something where you tried really hard

·         Do not layer with the same colors. Try to add colors that belong to the same group but are of different shades.

To help you understand this better, here are three outfit ideas that master the art of layering:

Outfit 1

In order to rock the casual look, opt for subdued neutral colors. Start with a pair of basic black jeans; top it with a basic white t-shirt. Over the t-shirt, you can pair a light grey hooded sweatshirt that is on the lighter side. This will allow room for another layer. You can top off the outfit with a light blue denim jacket. The denim jacket adds a little oomph to a comfortable outfit. The sweatshirt will ensure to keep you warm since it is insulated.

Outfit 2

This outfit is more along the lines of a nightwear since it ends with a smart leather jacket. To start things off you can wear a black satin top inside as your first layer. Over that wear a bright colored zip hoodie. This will keep you warm, as the top is very thin. To add jazz to the outfit you can play with colors and add a contrasting leather jacket. Choose a bold color like maroon to make your outfit stand out.

Outfit 3

For an uber chic outfit, it can be difficult to layer and not have it look bulky. For this reason, stick to thinner pieces. So start with a black camisole. Pair them with black jeans or pants. Over that, you can wear a jet-black hooded sweatshirt. Here is where the statement piece comes in. in order for your outfit to look stunning, invest in a chic checked coat. Try to stick to fall colors such as mustard, green, brown etc.

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