Three Unique Date Ideas in South London

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Preparing for a date can be exciting, but let’s face it – it can seem like a minefield, too. After all, in those heady, early days it can seem like the slightest mishap can end in disaster, so if you’re trying to impress someone special, it’s crucial that you choose a date venue which expresses your unique personality. And sometimes the traditional date ideas – bowling, cinema, an Italian restaurant – can seem, well, just a little boring. So forget ‘Lady and the Tramp’ style scenes over candles and spaghetti, and check out these unique date ideas, close to home.


1)      Take a Trip to The Arch, in Bermondsey

 If you’re a fan of all things active, mix things up with a trip to Bermondsey’s legendary climbing wall. Not only is climbing a deux guaranteed to get your date’s pulse racing, it’ll give you plenty to talk about afterwards, too. Just make sure you feel out your date’s receptiveness beforehand (if he or she has vertigo, this is a definite no-no), and if you’re a bit of a dab hand at climbing already, do resist the temptation to race ahead of them up the wall – nobody likes a show-off!


2)      Head to Brixton Farmer’s Market for Old-Married-Couple-Style Fun

 Sometimes, all you really want out of a date is some interesting things to look at and a bit of background noise while you chat about everything under the sun – so if you’re transitioning from the early days into something more stable, why not pick up a few ingredients together at Brixton Farmer’s Market, then cook him or her dinner back at yours? A stroll around the bustling stalls followed by a delicious dinner is sure to secure your place in their heart – as long as you don’t burn the sauce.


3)      Try Five Cuisines in One at Banana Tree, Clapham Junction

Have you heard of Indochinese cuisine? Well, neither had we till we checked out Indochinese restaurant chain Banana Tree. Indochinese cuisine is the name given to food originating from Indochina (it may seem an obvious explanation, but don’t pretend you didn’t assume it was Indian-Chinese fusion!), so it encompasses Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Laos and Cambodian food, and man is it delicious. If your date seems the well-travelled type and you want to display your foodie know-how, this restaurant offers a taste of adventure – and if their knowledge of world foods is limited to late-night takeaways from their local Thai restaurant in Milton Keynes, a trip to Banana Tree is a great way to open their minds up. Win Win!



Whether you’re smugly coupled up and looking for a change of scenery, or you’re just starting out and want to impress your date with something a little bit different, these unique date ideas will make a lasting impression on your lover. So try something new this weekend – your date’s sure to find a way to thank you!

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