Tips on How to Buy a Riding Horse

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Buying a horse can be quite an exciting experience. New buyers usually have to be extra careful when buying horses to avoid picking the wrong horse, which would ruin the entire ownership experience. The tips below are meant to help you understand more about how to buy a horse.


Bring an Experienced Buyer


Buying your first horse can be quite an experience. You will definitely need an experienced head to guide you through how to buy a horse. Even if you have done some research on horses, it is easy to miss some of the important things you should be looking out for. An experienced owner will have an idea of some of the little things to look for, which end up having a huge influence on the horse’s health and performance. If you do not know any horse owners, you can ask your horse trainer to accompany you.


Handle the Horse yourself


Another important tip on how to buy a horse is to handle the horse yourself during the initial showing. It is never a good idea to buy a horse that has already been prepared for a showing. It is important that you ask the seller to allow you to walk the horse out of the pasture or stall, and even prepare it for riding. This gives you the opportunity to study the horse and see how it behaves, especially in your presence.


Take some Riding Lessons


Our next tip on how to buy a horse is to take riding lessons. Although you might think that riding a horse is easy, of which it is not; it is recommended that you take riding lessons once you start thinking about buying a horse. Riding a horse in the open, on your own is quite intimidating. Riding lessons will teach you important lessons on how to handle a horse on your own.


Enquire about the Farrier and Veterinarian


Keeping your horse in good health and well attended to is an important part of the ownership experience. This is why we have included this among our tips on how to buy a horse. You can ask the seller to refer you to their farrier and veterinarian as you finalize the transaction. If you will be taking the horse far away from the seller’s location, it is vital that you find someone around your new location.


Always Be Smart


Perhaps the most important tip on how to buy a horse is to be smart. Buying a horse is just like any other purchase transaction. It is recommended that you approach the same with a sober head and remember to cover all your bases. Get the horse checked out by a qualified professional and always take the sellers word with a pinch of salt at all times.

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