Tips on How to Make Windows More Functional and Appealing

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You may not realize it but windows are very important to your residential living experience. Its primary function of allowing sunlight and air to enter your home is very important. Without the presence of windows in your house, you will feel more suffocated.


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At the same time, you would be spending a lot of money because your reliance on artificial light will be higher without the aid of windows. That’s why you have to maintain all of your house’s windows to ensure they are working properly. As such, you can also make them more appealing or improve their function. Here are several ways to do just that.


Add beautiful layers by using curtains

A window by itself looks so conventional, mundane and boring. Sure, it serves as your view to whatever’s outside of your home but leaving it without any form of decoration seems like a mortal sin. Remedy that by getting some curtains to improve your window’s aesthetic value. Go for curtains with colors that match the interior design of the window’s room. At the same time, a curtain that has texture will surely make any room look classier. Furthermore, your curtain choice should also effectively block out sunlight to make your room cooler.

Elevate the curtain rod

A rod needs to be hanged over your windows in order for curtains to be used. Whatever you do, don’t place them too low. Aside from not looking good, sunlight can also creep in if the curtain rod is placed lower than it should. Place them well above your windows until the ends of your curtain almost touch the floor. This creates a very smooth look for your windows when the curtains are drawn.

Tips on How to Make Windows More Functional and Appealing1

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Paint your window frames

White is surely an immaculate color but sometimes, you prefer some life into your rooms. If this is the case, we recommend painting the frames of your window. This gives a better look for your windows and the overall look of the room they’re in. Just make sure your preferred color matches with the room’s overall interior design scheme. Otherwise, the colors will clash and it won’t look the way you wanted.


Use fabric curtains with vertical stripes

Apart from improving the look of your windows, using vertical stripes will also make them look long-er. Stripes create an illusion of making objects, or even people, longer. You can also opt for hori-zontal stripes and it’s going to make your windows seem wider.

Place decorative pieces that complement your windows

At the base of your windows is the perfect location for decorations. You can get plants in a pot, wooden antique decorations, and sculptures, among others. 

These items will complement your windows and make them look more stylish. But before you pick window decors randomly, better consult professionals from to help you make the right decisions.

Tips on How to Make Windows More Functional and Appealing2

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Buy furniture that blends with your windows

It’s always better to work or relax when there is a view to look upon. That’s why placing a chair and table near your window will surely make your duties and leisure time a lot livelier. In this case, it’s wise to invest in furniture that blends well with your windows. After doing so, you can now have a new spot to finish your assignments or have a quiet moment.


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