Tips on Picking the Right Shoes if You’re a Nurse

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Some jobs require a person to stand on their feet nearly the entire day with few breaks, and this can certainly take a toll on the feet over time. Nurses in particular need to be thoughtful about the kinds of shoes that they choose to wear all day, and so it’s important not to be cheap or inexact about this decision—the health of your feet, legs, and even lower back could hang in the balance.

Before you pick your next set of work shoes, let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you find the right pair for you:

Be exact about size.

Ill-fitting shoes can be a nightmare when it comes to repetitive motion injuries, and in this case, the problem is entirely preventable. Be sure to measure your feet, paying special attention to get a size that accommodates both of them well and that gives you plenty of room to wiggle your toes. Don’t assume your size, either, since different shoe brands run differently. This is why it’s often best to shop for shoes in person so that you can try them on. Too loose, and your shoes will shift around uncomfortably; too tight, and you could cause pain and impair your circulation.


They should fit from Day 1.

Be particular about having usable shoes from the moment you buy them. If they are too tight and seem like they need to be loosened up through use, that means that they don’t fit. Find another pair that doesn’t need to be worn in to be comfortable.


Pick light shoes.

You don’t want your shoes to be a ball and chain. Remember that you will be carrying that weight around on your feet as you walk all day; you want something that is as lightweight as possible to avoid repetitive motion injury and fatiguing your lower body in general. They may not always be pretty, but many molded lightweight plastic shoes like Crocs have been a hit in the health care industry because of this.


Find slip-resistant shoes.

Hopefully, you won’t be wading knee-deep in your patients’ bodily fluids every single day, but accidents do happen, and you’re going to need shoes that can keep a grip on the floor even when there’s wet or greasy residue. This will help to keep you safe no matter the conditions.


Consider running shoes.

Maybe you don’t like the way Crocs look or you need some extra cushioning to absorb the shocks of your sprints down your hospital wing. In that case, consider getting some nice athletic shoes. These will have a high level of shock-absorption as well as durability, and you can often find them with many other orthopedic features.



Above all, when you’re searching for that perfect pair of shoes for your nursing career, try to pick a pair that fits the shape of your foot a closely as possible. Find one with an arch that matches yours closely, as well as a similar width. Since you will be wearing these shoes for most of your day, it’s worth it to do some research and invest some time into finding a truly comfortable pair.

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