Tips to choose the Best Messenger Bag

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Bags are an essential commodity to carry stuff around by primarily being hands-free. Originally created for easy delivery of postal messages, the messenger bag evolved to be used by one and all to carry out large items and keep them safe even in tough conditions. To choose a cool messenger bag for guys, check out the below-mentioned points and arrive at the perfect fix.



1.Fabric and Quality

One of the main features of a messenger bag is its resilience to unfavourable conditions. This resilience is dependent on the kind of fabric the bag has. While variations can be made based on personal preference, the kind of fabric determines a bag’s durability.

Messenger bags are most commonly found in leather and canvas. The benefits of leather are longevity, style and class, and professional looks. Canvas is a good option for those facing turbulent conditions – it is highly durable, dries quickly, and good for active adventurous use.

Synthetic fibres like nylon are also used to manufacture messenger bags. Nylon is strong, lightweight, and can be made waterproof to protect the contents in the bag.

2.Details on the interior and exterior

Often, confusion obscures one from differentiating a bag for women from a bag for men. Women’s messenger bags have small compartments, laced detailing, stitched designs, zips or ribbons of a particular kind. Cool messenger bags for guys are bereft of these fancies as theirs is a more sober, function-utilitarian bag. Check the messenger bag for double stitching on the seams and rivets. According to personal requirement, select a bag with the right number of compartments to fit in all contents and gadgets. It should be big enough to carry the laptop.

Those looking for luxurious features can select messenger bags that have in-built mp3 player pockets.


This is a factor not restricted to messenger bags but to all commodities. Set your budget and look for a bag accordingly. Different prices offer bags of different styles and types. Choose items with better quality even if it is slightly over the budget to get the best of the bag. Grab the best deals and discounts.




One must decide on the purpose that the bag is purchased for. Is it a sporty messenger bag, an office-use leather bag, a briefcase, a satchel or a vertical messenger bag? Cool messenger bags for guys are designed to cater to different services. Sporty messenger bags can carry all objects related to the particular sport. They look casual and appeal to athletes. Opposed to sporty messenger bags are those designed for office wear, or college purposes. Each have their own distinctive feature, so select a bag that fulfills your purpose.

5.Match your build

Messenger bags can turn out to be uncomfortable if the strap is not adjustable to a certain height and build. Choose a bag that fits your height, build, and is practical and handy. If the strap is not adjustable, put it on and submerge in little movement to test whether the strap and size of the bag is the perfect fit for you, or not.

Keep these factors in mind and look for details based on personal preference to buy the bag best suited for you. Also note the directions of wash to not destroy or crumple your bag.

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