Tips to Prevent Weight Gain During the Holidays

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It is a well known fact that the holiday season is the number one enemy of those who pay attention to their health and fitness! Every year, dinners and drinking bouts follow one another throughout the month of December: office party, exchange of gifts with friends, feast with the extended family, and so on. These are not the occasions when we fail to eat well!

However, if you have been focusing on your health and fitness all year around, it would be a shame to spoil all your efforts during holiday splurging. 

So, to prevent the holidays from becoming a nightmare for your line, follow these five weight loss tips during the holidays. All without being deprived of the treats and temptations the holidays has to offer!


Calm your cravings with healthy alternatives

There are so many healthy and delicious recipes that can help you resist the temptations of holidays. To be honest, there are many “alternative” recipes, which are better than the original ones. It is quite possible to have fun without feeling guilty.  For example – the sweet potato brownies make a better option than a sweet and chocolaty brownie. Be your own judge!

Do intensive leg training before the holidays

If possible, work intensively with several muscle groups before the holidays. Always opt for a leg work out because it allows working a large group of muscles such as thighs and gluten and also activates your trunk. Thus, all the extra calories you eat during the holidays will be used for a good cause like repairing your muscles and activating regeneration.


Strict To the Daily Workout Sessions

Even if you have an hour of free time to train, do it! In case, you don’t find doing workout interesting independently; you can join Boot camp training Regents Park where you will do bodyweight exercises under the guidance of a strict trainer. Also, if you are moving to your relatives for holidays, you can also perform the same workouts that you have learned during the boot camp training. 

Drink More H2O

Water supports optimal metabolism, and researches show it naturally curb your appetite. Drinking of at least 2 to 2.5 liters a day helps in flushing out the excess of sodium from the body and helps you de-bloat quickly. It helps you feel better fast and also keeps you away from constipation.

Start Eating on Schedule

Every day, eat your breakfast within an hour when you wake up and eat again after every 2 to 3 hours in small bites. When you start your day with a healthy food and savor evenly spaced meals, it helps in maximizing the metabolism, regulating the blood pressure, level out the appetite, and control insulin levels. It might be enticing to cut way back, but making yourself to starve completely backfires.




These few tips will not spoil your vacation, but will keep you away from returning with a few extra pounds. So, go ahead and keep yourself fit during the vacations by following these healthy ways.

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